The Little Meetup That Could

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March 16, 2016

The Little Meetup That Could

Presented at Great Wide Open Conference in Atlanta, GA 2016

What does it take to start a community? How many members does a meetup make? Is pizza really the best food to serve? How do you handle organizer burn-out? Recruiters? Sponsors? Venues?! Before starting a meetup, most people know to ask a few questions. But there are some questions that should be asked that are less obvious.

Since January of 2013, Rails Girls Atlanta has held monthly meetups; our numbers have been as small as 4 attendees–including the speaker and organizers–and as great as 40+. In that time, we’ve grown to have a steady number of regulars and have seen attendees progress from total beginner to full time developer time and time again.

We’ll give a history of our little meetup that could, and share some lessons, failures, and successes we’ve encountered along the way in hopes of helping other existing or new meetup groups find their footing…faster.



March 16, 2016