Testing 3.0 - Testing 3.0 - Contributing to Sutainable Success of Enterprise 3.0

Testing 3.0 - Testing 3.0 - Contributing to Sutainable Success of Enterprise 3.0

Presentation by Laurent Gaudy, Plenary Keynote Speaker @STC 2012.

Presentation Abstract

The modern enterprise is no longer a single, isolated, monolithic organization. Customers, Partners, Suppliers, Outsourcers, Distributors, Resellers, . all kinds of entities extend and expand the boundaries of the enterprise, and make "collaboration" and "sharing" important. This new reality has been dubbed "Enterprise 3.0".

Testing should be based on constant dialogue and cooperation with the different stakeholders in the production, development and commercialization of higher quality software. Tomorrow, testing will not only suggest the necessary fine tuning of the application to the peculiar environment of the customer but, beyond that, the inevitable adaptations incumbent upon the customer to accomodate change and innovation.

The object of the talk is to envision how testing will lead to ever more demanding but productive communication and dialogue between developers, networks, customers and various experts or consultants in the different fields.. Thus in the diversification of its relevant services to firms, "Software testing 3.0" will meet, point after point, the challenge of " Enterprise 3.0".

About Laurent Gaudy

He is VP Partners & Alliance at Neotys, has a 17-year experience of international business development across several sectors such as luxury goods, retail and IT. Laurent served at Microsoft for 10 years where he held various sales & marketing responsibilities across three continents (Europe, Asia, Middle-East/Africa). His expertise covers IT channels, alliance and key accounts development, complex project and multi-cultural management. Laurent graduated from HEC Paris, ESADE Barcelona and the Chartered Institute for Management Accountant (CIMA, UK).