Advanced Monitoring and Analysis Methods for Performance Testing of Wireless Networks

Advanced Monitoring and Analysis Methods for Performance Testing of Wireless Networks

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Presentation Abstract

One of the important aspects of testing various Wireless Networks is verifying their ability to handle peak traffic and high loads over extended durations. Test engineers often use emulators to load the real elements with a large number of calls or data sessions.

Given the extended duration of the tests and the number of calls generated, analyzing the results of a load test can be a daunting task. The established mechanism for detecting and analyzing failures is based on statistics. Though statistics provide a snapshot of the system to the tester, analysis of the problem is extremely difficult since the statistics provide no time reference.
To analyze a failure, testers then need to fall back to the analysis of product and emulator logs. While this provides additional information such as the time reference, they are usually huge and complex to read. Therefore, to understand the logs, the tester needs to contact the tools and the product teams for support, adding to the cycle time for execution of load test cases.

This paper discusses the possibility of developing an approach that allows the users to monitor the test setup using graphical analysis tools that are built into the emulated components. This is shown to provide a number of advantages such as providing a time reference and freeing the tester from the need to analyze log files in order to ascertain the nature of a problem.

About the Author

Parijat Bhattacharjee is currently working as a R&D engineer with Nokia Siemens Networks Pvt. Ltd. Prior to this he was working with Motorola Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. as a Senior Staff Engineer at their Tools - Center of Excellence. His total experience in telecommunications software is about 12 years and during this time, he has been closely involved in the architecture, design and development of performance evaluation solutions for various wireless technologies.