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Sentinel - The First Home Security Robot Powered by Android Things

Sentinel - The First Home Security Robot Powered by Android Things

Hackster Project: https://hackster.io/oscarsalguero/sentinel-8234b3
Presented at Google New York with the NYC-GDG.
July 10th 2017.
Periscope Video: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1YqKDwNlrMaxV

Oscar Salguero

July 10, 2017

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  1. Sentinel (A Work In Progress) The First Home Security Robot

    Powered by Android Things™ https://www.hackster.io/oscarsalguero/sentinel-8234b3 Oscar Salguero @OscarSalguero
  2. Agenda • Motivation • Hardware • Software • Valuable Tips

    • Demo • Roadmap
  3. Motivation

  4. • Expensive • Monthly Fees • Gotta have one on

    each room • Hackable • Complicated Setup • Can’t See Anything Without Dynamic DNS • OEM and Third Party Apps are Unreliable Home Security Cameras Suck
  5. • Don’t Talk To Other Smart Home or IoT Hardware

    • Use Email • Send You Unrelevant Push Notifications • No Face Recognition! • No Image Classification! Home Security Solutions are Dumb
  6. • Dogs move from room to room or go outside

    • Yeah!… Cats kinda move around too. • Throw Fido a ball, or scare your Cat! ;P • You just want to stalk your pets • Want to keep an eye on the kids • Want to see if some delivery arrived Where Is My Pet and What is He/She Doing?
  7. Hardware

  8. Rover 5 Platform https://www.pololu.com/product/1535

  9. Raspberry Pi 3, & SD Card with Android Things ™

  10. Rasperry Pi Camera Module v2 https://www.adafruit.com/product/3099

  11. Adafruit Motor Hat & Servo Hat https://www.adafruit.com/product/2348 and https://www.adafruit.com/product/2327

  12. Other Stuff • Pan/Tilt Bracket (https://www.sparkfun.com /products/10335) • 3D Printed

    Camera Mount • Expansion Plates • Cables, wires • Standoffs, nuts, screws, etc. • Power Bank (Battery Pack)
  13. Software

  14. Android All The Things • Android Studio 3.0 • Android

    Phone • Android Things ™ • Antonio Zugaldia’s Android Robocar Project (PWM and Motor Hat Java Library) http://androidrobocar.com
  15. Companion Android App • See your pet from anywhere! •

    Remote Control • Image History
  16. Firebase & Google Cloud Galore

  17. Valuable Tips

  18. Valuable Tips • Draw, sketch or diagram your idea first

    • Write down a list of desirable features • Research about the technologies such as APIs, protocols, etc. you’ll need to achieve the desired features • Write down a list of parts and materials • Research about the parts and materials before purchasing them; pros/cons matter
  19. Valuable Tips • Learn about circuits, voltages, current, etc... BEFOREHAND!

    • Be mindful about power requirements • Run and analyze google sample code (GitHub) • Ask questions (forums, Stack Overflow… the Interwebz) • Watch how it done (YouTube) • Try not to burn your fingers when soldering the headers (Ouch, it hurts!)
  20. Roadmap • Face Detection And Tracking (Google Mobile Vision) •

    Face Recognition (TF) • Real Time Image Classification (TF) • Movement Detection • “Smart” Push Notifications (Firebase) • Pan/Tilt Bracket controlled with right joystick on the 8Bitdo NES 30 Pro controller • Voice Control • Autonomous Patrolling • Find Your Pet
  21. Demo

  22. Questions? This presentation is available at: https://goo.gl/Jjwr8F

  23. Thank You! Oscar Salguero @OscarSalguero

  24. Sentinel Will Be Back to GDG NYC on 08/07! The

    First Home Security Robot Powered by Android Things™ https://www.hackster.io/oscarsalguero/sentinel-8234b3 Oscar Salguero @OscarSalguero