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Around the PHP Community (Atlanta PHP January 2009)

Around the PHP Community (Atlanta PHP January 2009)

For new and veteran PHP programmers alike, it’s often difficult to find the right place to ask questions and find the best answers and solutions to programming challenges. This month, Ben Ramsey takes us on a journey through the PHP Community to discover the websites the experts use to get PHP news and information and the places they go to ask for help (because even experts need help). He’ll wrap up the talk with a brief who’s who in the PHP Community, introducing you to some of the core developers and familiar faces around the community.


Ben Ramsey

January 08, 2009

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  1. around the Ben Ramsey 8 Jan 2009 • Atlanta PHP

  2. The PHP Projects

  3. php.net

  4. pear.php.net

  5. pecl.php.net

  6. gtk.php.net

  7. qa.php.net

  8. Getting Help

  9. phpfreaks.com

  10. codewalkers.com

  11. phpbuilder.com

  12. devshed.com/c/b/PHP/

  13. devnetwork.net

  14. pear-forum.org

  15. sitepoint.com

  16. atlantaphp.org

  17. RTFM! http://php.net/manual

  18. Mailing Lists

  19. Mailing Lists • php-general@lists.php.net
 news://news.php.net/php.general • php-windows@lists.php.net
 news://news.php.net/php.windows • pear-general@lists.php.net

    news://news.php.net/php.pear.general • http://news.php.net
  20. Internet Relay Chat

  21. IRC • ##php on Freenode • #pear on EFNet •

    #mysql on Freenode • #apache on Freenode • #phpc on Freenode • #atlantaphp on Freenode
  22. Getting on IRC • XChat -- http://www.xchat.org • XChat Aqua

 http://xchataqua.sourceforge.net • Colloquy -- http://colloquy.info • mIRC -- http://www.mirc.com • irssi -- http://irssi.org
  23. Getting on IRC • Freenode: http://freenode.net • EFNet: http://efnet.org •

    Join a channel:
 /join ##php
  24. Must-Read Books

  25. Beginning PHP5, Apache, MySQL Web Development by Elizabeth Naramore, Jason

    Gerner, Yann Le Scouarnec, Jeremy Stolz, Michael K. Glass
  26. PHP and MySQL Web Development by Luke Welling and Laura

  27. Learning PHP 5 by David Sklar

  28. PHP Cookbook by David Sklar and Adam Trachtenberg

  29. Advanced PHP Programming by George Schlossnagle

  30. Essential PHP Security by Chris Shiflett

  31. Zend PHP 5 Certification Study Guide by Davey Shafik and

    Ben Ramsey
  32. News & Information

  33. phpdeveloper.org

  34. phparch.com

  35. c7y.phparch.com

  36. devzone.zend.com

  37. phpinfo.com

  38. The PHP Blogosphere

  39. planet-php.net

  40. Andrei Zmievski http://gravitonic.com @a on twitter PHP core developer Unicode/PHP

    6 PHP-GTK Smarty
  41. Brett Bieber http://saltybeagle.com @saltybeagle on Twitter PEAR developer

  42. Cal Evans http://blog.calevans.com @CalEvans on Twitter Director of the PHP

    Center of Expertise at IBuildings Formerly Editor-in-Chief of Zend DevZone
  43. Chris Shiflett http://shiflett.org @shiflett on Twitter PHP security expert CTO

    at OmniTI
  44. Chris Jones http://blogs.oracle.com/opal @ghrd on Twitter Works for Oracle oci8

    & PDO_OCI
  45. Davey Shafik http://www.pixelated-dreams.com @dshafik on Twitter Author and speaker

  46. David Sklar http://www.sklar.com/blog Author and speaker Software Architect at Ning

  47. Derick Rethans http://derickrethans.nl @derickrethans on Twitter PHP core developer DateTime

  48. Ed Finkler http://funkatron.com @funkatron on Twitter Author and speaker RIA

    expert Creator of Spaz
  49. Eli White http://eliw.wordpress.com @EliW on Twitter Author and speaker Zend’s

    new Community Guy
  50. Elizabeth Marie Smith http://elizabethmariesmith.com @auroraeosrose on Twitter PHP core dev

    PHP Windows geek PHP-GTK Co-founder of PHPWomen.org
  51. Elizabeth Naramore http://www.naramore.net/blog @ElizabethN on Twitter Co-founder of PHPWomen.org Editor

    at php|architect php|tek & php|works Conference Chair
  52. Gopal Vijayaraghavan http://t3.dotgnu.info/blog @t3rmin4t0r on Twitter PHP core developer pecl/apc

  53. Greg Beaver http://greg.chiaraquartet.net PEAR developer PHAR Cello player

  54. I’m running over time. Check out my personal blogroll for

  55. benramsey.com

  56. Q & A