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Thinking about content - DemandSphere FOUND Tokyo Meetup

Thinking about content - DemandSphere FOUND Tokyo Meetup

We discuss converging SEO trends in 2024, including the impact of global liquidity anxiety on advertising markets and how companies are responding.

Google is experiencing hurdles in continuing to grow their advertising revenues and they are signaling strongly that they want to spend less on crawling and indexing.

We discuss the impact of the HCU updates and also the hidden factors of user behavior on the SERPs.

We round out the discussion around the evolution of the SERPs, rumors around a potential SGE launch at Google I/O in May, and recommendations for content strategy in an AI world.

Ray Grieselhuber

April 10, 2024

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  1. Speakerdeck.com/raygrieselhuber @raygrieselhuber Global liquidity anxiety in Post-ZIRP (ゼロ金利後) financial markets

    affects ad-based strategies Money supply SPIKED but now is decreasing Money is not as cheap right now
  2. “Alphabet’s disappointing ad revenue numbers suggest that corporations worldwide are

    still uncertain about the pace of interest rate cuts from global central banks.” - Thomas Monteiro, analyst, Investing.com (January 30, 2024) https:/ /www.investing.com/news/stock-market-news/googleparent-alphabet-reports-quarterly-revenue-above-estimates-3287428 Speakerdeck.com/raygrieselhuber @raygrieselhuber
  3. Speakerdeck.com/raygrieselhuber @raygrieselhuber “Edge of indexing”: Google wants to crawl less

    https://www.demandsphere.com/blog/the-impact-of -compute-on-content-and-seo-in-both-directions/
  4. Rumors of SGE Launch in May at Google I/O Speakerdeck.com/raygrieselhuber

    @raygrieselhuber 1. Rumors are unconfirmed 2. SGE widget is not auto-expanded in early live tests 3. Auto-expand is what will have the biggest impact on pixels and CTR
  5. Speakerdeck.com/raygrieselhuber @raygrieselhuber The AI Content Arms Race 1. Google wary

    of content explosion and crawl costs 2. Positioning themselves to penalize spammy AI content but so far not doing a good job 3. It is clear that AI content is going to massively increase
  6. Content strategy in AI world Speakerdeck.com/raygrieselhuber @raygrieselhuber 1. Recognize that

    Google does not want to crawl low-quality content, indexing will grow severe 2. Turn your writers into editors, use AI to do the heavy lifting 3. Unique human content, including UGC, is still very valuable. We see this with Reddit, etc. in SERPs 4. Co-occurrence scores in content graders might lose accuracy due to rewrite and summarization loops