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Password Security - From Zero to Hero

Password Security - From Zero to Hero

This is a beginner talk which explains password security (hashing, etc.).

Randall Degges

June 26, 2014

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  1. ...

  2. from hashlib import md5 from itertools import chain, product from

    string import printable from sys import argv def bruteforce(length): return ( ''.join(candidate) for candidate in chain.from_iterable( product( printable, repeat = i ) for i in range(1, length + 1) ) ) for pw in bruteforce(int(argv[2])): if md5(pw).hexdigest() == argv[1]: print 'Cracked hash: %s!' % argv[1] print 'Password is: %s' % pw break
  3. brutal! >>> from brute import brute >>> for s in

    brute(length=10): ... print s $ pip install brute
  4. password | md5 | sha1 -------------+----------------------------------+------------------------------------------ omgmypass | 364a7aeccbc2b0f8b9bcf07ae0dd4748 |

    8a4dd43ae7291b91f995f6d3153e926211ebae44 abc123 | e99a18c428cb38d5f260853678922e03 | 6367c48dd193d56ea7b0baad25b19455e529f5ee OKKAAAYYYY! | 9bc50c01de2edd2bdc488d94751b4a1e | 9a1dc4294bbc5f6a35b5eed899386a2035a2ebde A big ass database of passwords and hashes.
  5. You basically just create a random string and prepend it

    to passwords to make brute forcing harder.
  6. Salts are great because attackers can’t use rainbow tables, and

    must brute force every password individually.
  7. >>> from bcrypt import gensalt, hashpw >>> >>> hash =

    hashpw('omghi!', gensalt()) >>> if hashpw('omghi!', hash) == hash: ... print 'password valid!' ... 'password valid!'
  8. bcrypt • Been around for a long time. • Very

    well peer reviewed. • Widely considered the best option for password hashing. • Easy to use in Python. • Orders of magnitude slower than almost every other hashing function (ask me more about this later).
  9. Stormpath User Management API for Developers • Authentication • User

    Profiles • Groups and Roles • Awesome Python Support • API Authentication • Social Login • SSO • Hosted Login
  10. So... • Store passwords with bcrypt. • Check out stormpath.com

    and play around with it! It’s awesome! • If you liked this talk, tweet @gostormpath.