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Rails Girls Summer of Code 2015 Wrap Up - Project Diaspora

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September 25, 2015

Rails Girls Summer of Code 2015 Wrap Up - Project Diaspora

Team Delta Quadrant talks about their Summer of Code with the Diaspora Project



September 25, 2015


  1. Rails Girls Summer of Code project: diaspora* We are: @anderspree

    | @zaziemo
  2. What is diaspora*? Social Network decentralization privacy freedom

  3. What we worked on https://github.com/TeamDeltaQuadrant/project_plan/blob/master/plan.md * show geo-location on a

    map * use chunking to upload photos * create new role: moderator * export to tumblr ‼ ⚡
  4. How we got started * set up dev environment *

    test environments * architecture * communication workflows * contribution rules * refactored existing tests
  5. Getting used to TDD

  6. Map Implementation

  7. Video Demo: https://vimeo.com/140902101 Map Implementation

  8. Map Implementation

  9. Thanks to our awesome supporters <3 * our coaches: Andy,

    Christophe, Urs, Bastian, Finn * the diaspora* maintainers * Aakriti, Philipp and Timo from blacklane * our supervisor: Verena * our mentor: Lisa * RGSoC Orga team and all the sponsors
  10. Find us on: Diaspora* anderspree@wk3.org zaziemo@wk3.org Twitter @anderspree @zaziemo

  11. And thank you for listening  <3