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Rapid Application Development with Symfony Framework

Rapid Application Development with Symfony Framework

Speed is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about developing an application with Symfony framework, but with the help of various components and bundles you can get a lot done in a very short time.

Mihai Nica

May 25, 2017

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  1. Rapid Application Development with Symfony Framework Mihai Nica / @redecs

    Photo: Dan Mihai Balanescu
  2. Symfony

  3. 1. What we take for granted

  4. 1.1 Security

  5. 1.2 Forms and Validation

  6. 1.3 Doctrine generators

  7. 1.4 Translations It can’t get easier than that

  8. 2. Community to the rescue: bundles

  9. 2.1 KNP Labs Bundles KnpMenuBundle KnpPaginatorBundle

  10. 2.2 FriendsOfSymfony FOSRestBundle FOSUserBundle

  11. 2.3 Sonata Admin Bundle

  12. EasyAdminBundle LiipImagineBundle StofDoctrineExtensionsBundle SncRedisBundle KnpGaufretteBundle KnpSnappyBundle NelmioCorsBundle HwiOauthBundle

  13. 3. Honorary Mention UNMAINTAINED: Symfony2 RAD Edition based on KnpRadBundle

    Atomic, flexible components - mix and match
  14. None
  15. 4. The future: Symfony Flex Symfony Flex composer plugin composer.json

    Recipe on Symfony Flex server (symfony.sh) Component dependencies and autoconfiguration
  16. Symfony Skeleton composer.json

  17. Recipe manifest.json for FrameworkBundle

  18. Questions? Mihai Nica mihai@redecs.net @redecs