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Snapper.VU @ Fearless Conference 2015 - Romania

Snapper.VU @ Fearless Conference 2015 - Romania

Snapper.VU - Photography Business Software presentation held at Fearless Conference 2015 in Bucharest, Romania.

Mihai Nica

March 24, 2015

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  1. Snapper.VU Photography Business Management

  2. The people behind it Wise Systems is a custom software

    development company, based in Bucharest. We’ve worked with customers ranging from interactive agencies to airlines and banks. http://www.wisesystems.co Snapper.VU is a photography business software that aims at helping photographers naturally move their studio management online.
 Web App Manage your Shoots – including locations, people

    involved Keep track of your Tasks Leads and Clients management Calendar and Contacts manager. Shoot Workflow – create a new shoot in seconds. All the task you performing for you usual shoot will be there.
  4. None
 Mobile Apps Your companion on the road that helps

    manage your tasks and shoots Android (phone and tablet) iOS – submitted for review in App Store
 Roadmap u Products and services – almost done u

    Contracts generation u Invoices and online payments u Website widgets for booking or checking availability u Team accounts u Expand the functionality in the mobile apps to match the web version
 Let us know what you think We want to

    build software that you can use on a daily basis, that will help you grow your business. Get 1 year of unlimited Snapper.VU usage. http://rtr.im/q
 Thank you! Mihai Nica mihai@wisesystems.co +40726036776 http://www.snapper.vu http://www.wisesystems.co