The 2012 Green-e Verification Report Webinar

The 2012 Green-e Verification Report Webinar

A look at the year in Green-e. The 2012 Green-e Verification Report details renewable energy and carbon offset figures for all three Green-e programs. Green-e Energy showed a remarkable 29% increase in 2012, reaching almost 36 million MWh—enough to power nearly a third of U.S. households for a month. Green‐e Climate also saw substantial growth, with volume of certified offsets sold increasing by more than 47%, and Green-e Marketplace added several new participants, ending 2012 with over 500 products and companies certified. Join us for this inside look at the report, which gives an unparalleled look at the state of the market and trends for the current year's sales. Originally Aired November 6, 2013.


Center for Resource Solutions

November 06, 2013