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Working Together to Build an Aries Application for Sovrin

Working Together to Build an Aries Application for Sovrin

Session given as part of the Identity workshop at the Hyperledger Boot Camp Moscow 2019.

Attendees wanted to have a hand-on session to get started building an identity application. This brief slide deck provided a framework for that session. Providing detailed guidance on building an identity application is currently hard to do, because the components are evolving rapidly.


Richard Esplin

October 15, 2019


  1. https://creativecommons.org/lic enses/by-sa/4.0/ Implementing an Identity Application Richard Esplin October 2019

  2. It’s early days Tools are changing quickly Documentation isn’t very

    polished We’ll work together, and get unstuck together Disclaimers
  3. Protocol Ecosystem: Aries Features: ZKPs Network: Sovrin Language: Python Issuer

    Software: ACA-Py Make Your Choices
  4. Sovrin Verifiable Credentials Ecosystem

  5. Relevant Projects

  6. Setup Indy Install Indy CLI (Debian) (https://github.com/hyperledger/indy-sdk/blob/master/README.md) Install the genesis

    files for Sovrin Builder Net (https://forum.sovrin.org/t/how-to-access-the-public-sovrin-network/1035) Generate a DID Anchor the DID as an issuer (https://selfserve.sovrin.org)
  7. Hyperledger Indy Catalyst Plenum Node SDK Agents Ursa Wrappers LibVCX

    LibNullPay LibIndy Python NodeJS Rust Java ObjectiveC Cloud Thin Mobile Edge Wallet Static Issuer Edge Aries
  8. Setup ACA-Py Install ACA-Py (Docker) Get it to use your

    issuer DID? Code the controller
  9. Design a Credential Decide on your use case Select your

    attributes Define your Schema Define your Cred (Future: define your presentation)
  10. Components of a Credential Credential Definition Verifiable Credential 1 Presentation

    Presentation Definition Verifiable Credential n Mapping Schema Encoding Schema Schema Presentation Definition
  11. Test Issue a credential Verify the credential

  12. Setup Governance Who is going to issue the credential? Why

    will the verifier trust the credential?