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Why Java Developers are First-Class Citizens on Azure

Why Java Developers are First-Class Citizens on Azure

This session is a fast-paced tour of all things Java and Azure at the modern Microsoft of today. We will first talk about the why, how and what of Java and Microsoft. We will then dive right into the broad range of tools, services and APIs that Microsoft offers around Azure for Java developers. We will show a small but representative demo of a Java application most developers would feel familiar with running well on Azure. Lastly, we will discuss the road map for what Java developers can expect from Microsoft in the future. This session is as much about sharing what Microsoft offers today as it is about listening to what the Java community wants to see from Microsoft tomorrow.

Reza Rahman

July 06, 2019

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  1. Why Java Developers are First- Class Citizens on Azure Reza

    Rahman Principal Program Manager Java on Azure
  2. © Microsoft Corporation Support Your Architecture Microservices or serverless application

    Parts of monolith extracted Monolith + new microservices Containerized Monolith Monolith
  3. © Microsoft Corporation Virtual Machines In addition to Windows, Azure

    has long supported Linux virtual machines popular with Java developers The Azure Marketplace includes plethora of Java focused virtual machine images and solution templates Virtual machines provide the most flexibility, control and visibility while moving to the cloud, especially for initial migration of Java workloads
  4. © Microsoft Corporation Multi-Cloud Platforms Azure supports significant third-party multi-cloud

    platforms used by some Java shops These platforms supported through partnerships Multi-cloud platforms provide uniform higher-level API that allows using multiple cloud providers, moving between cloud providers, hybrid cloud deployments and moving from on-premise to cloud There are guides and solution templates to run key runtimes like JBoss EAP and WebSphere Liberty
  5. © Microsoft Corporation Containers Containers gaining ground as compelling pathway

    to the cloud Containers provide portability, flexibility, scalability, manageability, repeatability and reliability Azure provides best of breed support for Docker and Kubernetes, especially through Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure Container Registry (ACR), and Azure Container Apps (ACA) There are guides and solution templates to run key runtimes like WebLogic, WebSphere Liberty and Quarkus Azure Kubernetes Service Azure Container Apps Azure Container Registry
  6. © Microsoft Corporation Managed Services Azure provides fully managed services

    for best of breed application building blocks Managed services offer ease-of-use, ease-of-management, productivity and lower total cost of ownership Some managed services Java specific, others more general Java bindings for best of breed Microsoft software Managed services ever-evolving - options will continue to expand for Java developers Azure App Service Azure Spring Apps
  7. © Microsoft Corporation Azure Services Portfolio Cosmos DB Key Vault

    Blob Storage Entra ID Service Bus Event Hub Event Grid Azure Monitor GitHub Actions App Service Azure SQL Azure PostgreSQL Azure MySQL App Gateway
  8. © Microsoft Corporation Azure Spring Apps Integrating on behalf of

    specific clients via gateway Dynamically discovering remote dependencies via service registry Versioning, distributing, and refreshing config via config server Instrument for distributed tracing Preventing cascading failures via circuit breakers and bulkheads
  9. © Microsoft Corporation Serverless Functions serverless platform for Azure Functions

    are event-triggered business logic with on demand execution and billing, can be written in Java Functions offer time-to-market advantages, scalability, manageability and cost reduction Logic Apps serverless workflow engine with wide set of Azure service integrations Guides for key runtimes such as Quarkus Azure Functions Logic Apps
  10. © Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Build of OpenJDK Free, open-source, compatible

    LTS distribution of OpenJDK Mac, Linux, Windows, Docker Currently supports Java SE 11+ Incorporated into Azure, including commercial support
  11. © Microsoft Corporation DevOps Tools Integration Azure provides first-class support

    for DevOps tools popular with Java shops such as Maven GitHub Actions Azure aligned CI tool Azure resource integrations powered through plugins support ever- evolving space Azure SDKs support Java for custom integration and resource management needs GitHub Actions Azure SDK
  12. © Microsoft Corporation IDE Support Azure provides deep integration toolkits

    for popular Java IDEs such as IntelliJ Microsoft’s own lightweight editor Visual Studio Code has robust support for Java VS Code Java features include debugging, Maven integration, JUnit integration, Spring/Jakarta EE/MicroProfile support, Azure support
  13. © Microsoft Corporation Sample Solution II Container Registry Kubernetes Service

    Cosmos DB Active Directory Azure Monitor GitHub Actions App Gateway
  14. © Microsoft Corporation Sample Solution III App Service Traffic Manager

    Service Bus Key Vault Active Directory Cosmos DB
  15. © Microsoft Corporation Sample Solution IV Azure Spring Apps Service

    Bus Azure PostgreSQL Azure SQL Breaker Dashboard Service Registry API Gateway Config Dashboard Distributed Tracing GitHub Actions
  16. © Microsoft Corporation Sample Solution V Service Bus Cosmos DB

    Blob Storage Functions Logic Apps Functions Functions Web App Web App
  17. © Microsoft Corporation Microsoft and the Java ecosystem Microsoft contributes

    back to the Java ecosystem in many ways Commitments will only deepen in the future
  18. © Microsoft Corporation Summary Microsoft very serious about Java Many

    pathways, choices and architectures supported Choose from virtual machines, containers, managed services, serverless and anything in between Full suite of Java tooling for seamless end-to-end, best of breed experience Actively evolving solutions for rapidly growing customer base Deepening commitment to the ecosystem
  19. © Microsoft Corporation Resources Microsoft Build of OpenJDK https://www.microsoft.com/openjdk Visual

    Studio Code for Java https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/languages/java Java on Azure landing page https://azure.microsoft.com/resources/developers/java/ Java on Azure docs https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/java/azure/