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Why You Should Adopt an Open-Source Code of Conduct

Reza Rahman
November 06, 2021

Why You Should Adopt an Open-Source Code of Conduct

Technology communities almost by definition need to be open, welcoming, diverse, and inclusive to do the most good for the most amount of people. Yet without adequate checks and balances technology communities have an unfortunate track record to be anything but – especially for people on the wrong side of power dynamics such as women and minorities.

Adopting a well-developed Open-Source Code of Conduct such as the Contributor Covenant is a key tool in countering this problem. In this introductory session we will cover what Open-Source Codes of Conduct are, what they seek to accomplish, what makes a good one and why you should adopt one in your project, community, event, group or even company.

Reza Rahman

November 06, 2021

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  1. Why You Should Adopt an Open-Source Code of Conduct Reza

    Rahman Jakarta EE Ambassador, Author, Blogger, Speaker [email protected] @reza_rahman
  2. Why Do I Care? You are maybe qualified to work

    at 7-Eleven You can always go back to your country You’ve never worked with women, have you? It worries me someone like you is in a position of authority What’s that weird smell? You are too aggressive, calm down You are a liar You are a cheat You are making us look bad You are too smart for your own good You hate Jews, don’t you? You are obviously full of hate You need to earn your place around here Your English is pretty good You don’t understand our culture You are overreacting I didn't mean it that way How can you spin it like that? You are the enemy Don’t be so sensitive You don’t smile enough Are most Muslims terrorists? You can’t block me! You talk a lot of nonsense Lighten up, it was just a joke You think you are better than us? Parasite Where are you really from? You need to be more friendly You are not qualified to have an opinion Don’t be so dramatic You need to be more like a real person Man up! Who are you to criticize us? You are too ambitious Don’t take it personally
  3. Why Should You Care? • Increasing openness • Diverse perspectives

    • Untapped potential • Expanding community • Broadening reach • Ethical imperative
  4. The Underlying Factors • Anonymity, remoteness and a sense of

    “alternative reality” • A feeling of anarchy, empowerment and impunity • Cliques, tribalism and exclusion • An entitled notion of “utopian meritocracy” and equality • Deliberate and subconscious stereotyping, bias, prejudice and microaggression • Ignorance of social context, inequities, isolation and disproportionate negative emotional impact
  5. An Effective Code of Conduct • Clear and simple •

    Concrete principles and objectives • Sufficiently detailed and includes examples • Resources to seek clarification • Reporting and enforcement details • Prominently placed
  6. Summary • Codes of Conduct are very important in advancing

    diversity and inclusion • There are existing examples and best practices to leverage • It has much wider applicability than simply open-source projects
  7. Resources • The Contributor Covenant • https://www.contributor-covenant.org • Open-Source Guide

    for Codes of Conduct • https://opensource.guide/code-of-conduct/ • Diversity in Open-Source Software • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diversity_in_open-source_software