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Why Java EE Developers are First-Class Citizens on Azure

Why Java EE Developers are First-Class Citizens on Azure

Java EE is an important technology to support on Azure. Enterprise Java is a heterogenous ecosystem with as much as a third of workloads still running on Java EE application servers such as WebLogic, WebSphere/Open Liberty, JBoss EAP, WildFly, and Payara. This is particularly true for large enterprises that need to lift and shift their existing mission-critical, largely monolithic applications to Azure. Traditionally, Azure has not focused on strong support for such workloads but that is changing now and going forward.

This session will outline the efforts to better support Java EE workloads on Azure. We will touch on the history of the open-standard enterprise Java movement and why open standards are and remain important to enterprises. We will discuss what is possible now, what is coming soon and what is further afield. This includes services, tools and guidance to better support Java EE users opting for virtual machines, Kubernetes, or PaaS. It also includes integration with Azure services such as the Azure Service Bus through Java EE APIs such as JMS.

This is also an invaluable opportunity to hear from you and better understand how Microsoft can support you best.


Reza Rahman

October 27, 2020


  1. Microsoft Confidential 1 Why Java EE Developers are First-Class Citizens

    on Azure Reza Rahman Principal Program Manager, Java on Azure reza.rahman@microsoft.com
  2. Microsoft Confidential 2 Plan for Your Time Investment • Java

    EE ecosystem context • Java EE on Azure current capabilities and work • Java EE on Azure future work
  3. None
  4. Microsoft Confidential 4 The Importance of Java EE • Java

    EE is an important part of Java ecosystem and cloud • 25-35% of new and existing Java applications run on Java EE application servers • WebLogic, WebSphere/Liberty, JBoss EAP, WildFly, Payara • 70-80% of Java applications depend on at least one or more Java EE APIs • Tomcat, Hibernate, ActiveMQ, Jetty, Jersey, CXF • Many of these applications are moving to the cloud now and the near future 2020 Jakarta EE Developer Survey: https://outreach.jakartaee.org/2020-developer-survey-report A healthy ecosystem continues to evolve, with a stable Java EE core Quarkus and MicroProfile are enjoying a notable increase in interest
  5. Microsoft Confidential 5 The Jakarta EE Transition

  6. Microsoft Confidential 6 An Evolving Ecosystem

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  8. Microsoft Confidential 8 Virtual Machines Containers Managed Services Mapping the

  9. Microsoft Confidential 9 Virtual Machines • In addition to Windows,

    Azure has long supported Linux virtual machines essential for Java EE customers • Azure Marketplace includes some Java EE focused virtual machine images and templates • There are focus areas of improvement
  10. Microsoft Confidential 10 WebLogic on Azure • Robust, up-to-date Azure

    Marketplace images and solutions for WebLogic • Oracle Linux, Oracle JDK, WebLogic • Jointly published, maintained and supported by Microsoft and Oracle, bring your own license • Supports common use-cases such as base image, single instance, load-balancing and clustering • Supports key integrations such as App Gateway, Azure SQL, Azure PostgreSQL, Oracle DB (on the Oracle Cloud or on Azure) and Azure Active Directory • Major releases already out, more releases coming • Similar support for WebLogic on AKS actively in the works https://aka.ms/weblogic-on-azure
  11. Microsoft Confidential 11 Containers • Azure provides best of breed

    support for Docker and Kubernetes through the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and the Azure Container Registry (ACR) • Another options is App Service for Containers as an easier pathway of using Docker on Azure • Application server vendors provide Docker images, Helm Charts and Kubernetes Operators • JBoss EAP, WildFly, WebLogic, WebSphere/Open Liberty, Payara • There are focus areas of improvement Azure Kubernetes Service App Service for Containers Azure Container Registry
  12. Microsoft Confidential 12 WebLogic on AKS https://aka.ms/weblogic-on-aks • WebLogic certified

    by Oracle and Microsoft to run well on AKS via WebLogic Operator • Detailed guidance, scripts and samples incorporated into WebLogic Operator • Guidance includes integration with Azure Files as persistence volumes and Azure load balancing • Further ease-of-use and Azure service integrations possible via Marketplace offering mirroring virtual machines solutions
  13. Microsoft Confidential 13 OpenShift • OpenShift provides uniform higher-level API

    over Kubernetes that allows using multiple cloud providers, moving between cloud providers, hybrid cloud deployments and moving from on- premise to cloud • Azure provides managed OpenShift offering through Red Hat partnership • Application server support for OpenShift generally builds upon Kubernetes support • There are focus areas of improvement
  14. Microsoft Confidential 14 Managed Services • Managed Java EE application

    server offering in public preview today • JBoss EAP on App Service • Jointly developed and supported by Red Hat and Microsoft • Stateless, load-balanced, auto-deployed, auto-scaled, monitored • Standalone configuration by default, further customization via CLI possible • Offer will go GA including integrated commercial support • More robust offering possible in the future Azure App Service https://github.com/Azure-Samples/jboss-on-app-service
  15. Microsoft Confidential 15 JMS Support in Azure Service Bus •

    JMS 2 support in Azure Service Bus via AMQP in public preview • Partial support has been possible for some time via Apache Qpid JMS, but Azure Service Bus now targeting full JMS 2 compatibility • Will go GA in a timely fashion • JCA adapters make it possible to integrate with Java EE application servers • Wide array of access options that also include full support for AMQP, Java client libraries (non- JMS), Spring/Boot libraries and Azure Functions integrations Service Bus Java Client Libraries JMS Functions https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/service-bus-messaging/how- to-use-java-message-service-20
  16. Microsoft Confidential 16 https://github.com/m-reza-rahman/azure-cafe

  17. None
  18. Microsoft Confidential 18 Capabilities and Progress Virtual Machines Containers Managed

    Services Integrations - Strong progress - Progressing - Focus area
  19. Microsoft Confidential 19 WebLogic on Azure Virtual Machines Roadmap VMs

    Oracle Database Single instance Cluster Azure SQL App Gateway Azure PostgreSQL Azure Active Directory Oracle Coherence Migration Tools
  20. Microsoft Confidential 20 WebLogic on AKS Roadmap Oracle Database Azure

    Files Cluster Azure SQL App Gateway Azure PostgreSQL Azure Active Directory Oracle Coherence Migration Tools
  21. Microsoft Confidential 21 WebSphere/Open Liberty on OpenShift Roadmap Cluster Azure

    SQL Azure PostgreSQL Azure Active Directory
  22. Microsoft Confidential 22 JBoss EAP/WildFly on Azure Virtual Machines Roadmap

    https://aka.ms/Quickstart-JBoss-EAP • Work in progress to support several JBoss EAP/WildFly on Azure virtual machines use cases • Standalone virtual machine, clustered virtual machines, clustered virtual machine scale sets • Currently available as community quick start templates • To be published to the Azure marketplace
  23. Microsoft Confidential 23 Summary • There is a team dedicated

    to Java EE on Azure success • We are eager to engage and aid your migration case directly, if desired • Robust guidance and tooling for migrating Java EE applications to Azure using containers and virtual machines well in the works • WebLogic, WebSphere/Liberty, JBoss EAP, WildFly • Managed Java EE application server option well on the way • JBoss EAP on App Service • Java EE integrations with Azure services will continue to improve • Directory server, caching, logging, messaging Please engage us! https://aka.ms/migration-survey
  24. Microsoft Confidential 24 Resources • Announcement for WebLogic on Azure

    Kubernetes Service • https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/apps-on-azure/run-oracle-weblogic-server-on- azure-kubernetes-service/ba-p/1849719 • Announcement of WebLogic on Azure virtual machines • https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/azure-marketplace/weblogic-on-azure-virtual- machines-major-release-available/ba-p/1681175 • JBoss EAP on App Service public preview announcement • https://azure.github.io/AppService/2020/09/22/jboss-public-preview.html • Azure Service Bus JMS 2 support public preview announcement • https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/announcing-preview-of-java-message-service-2- over-amqp-on-azure-service-bus/ • Azure Java migration guides • https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/developer/java/migration/ • Java EE on Azure demos • https://github.com/m-reza-rahman/jakartaee-azure
  25. Microsoft Confidential 25