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Advancing your tech career in 2019

Advancing your tech career in 2019

Simple yet powerful ideas on pushing forth your career by learning new tech skills this year, balancing with soft skills and making a plan.


May 02, 2019

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  1. 3 Outline Building the hard skills Soft skills that matter

    Finding resources and making a plan Lifelong Learning ……………. Create goals and achieve success Career Growth
  2. “ Based on 2018 Stack Overflow developer survey, median number

    of stacks developers build in is 2. Based on 2019 Stack Overflow developer survey, median number of stacks developers build in is 3 “ 6
  3. Most common combinations 7 Frontend Backend Fullstack SRE DevOps Designer

    Frontend Data Analysis Data Science Machine Learning
  4. When trying something new ◎ Resources ◦ Books/Blogs/Podcasts ◦ Online

    courses/Bootcamp ◎ Community ◦ Meetups ◦ Stack Overflow ◦ Mentors and friends ◎ Real life application ◦ Hobby projects ◦ Open source contributions 14
  5. Approaching mentorship Team ◎ Experts in the area that you

    wish to master this year. ◎ Your manager IS one of your mentors. Relationship ◎ Build a lasting professional relationship with each mentor. ◎ Know their strengths, background, interest and story. ◎ Offer in return - fulfillment, insights, reverse mentoring. Ground rules ◎ Set clear expectations. ◎ Always end meetings on time or early. ◎ Be flexible and mindful. ◎ Optimize for their convenience. 19
  6. 2019 is in the information age ◎ Books ◎ Podcasts

    ◎ Blog posts ◎ Online courses 22 Plan in your schedule Curate your list Plan in your schedule Track Progress Celebrate Success
  7. Career growth and organization goals ◎ Review organization goals ◎

    Review financial plan and business metrics ◎ Did your org meet its goals based on your contributions? ◎ Will your career grow if you org is successful? 24
  8. 13,526,124 In total site visits 5% New user registration rate

    185,244 users Users registered world-wide 25 * Growth pirate metrics
  9. Online Presence and Identity Twitter Twitter Lists Follow Influencers Create

    following Quora Follow topics Ask questions Answer questions Reddit Follow topics Ask ANY question Engage Meetups Find meetups in relevant topics, learn from experiences, create network Conferences Immersive experience into specific topic areas. Attend workshops and tutorials. Forums Stack Overflow, company forums, meetup forums, github. Answer questions, present opinions 27
  10. Social Influence ◎ Plan to write a blog post. ◎

    Plan to speak at a conference. ◎ Plan to coach your technology or business partners. 28
  11. Create a plan to “Advance your tech career in 2019”

    ◎ Create a plan ◎ That’s bit.ly/2GY2wUg ◎ Identify themes. ◎ Align with organization goals ◎ Review with your mentors/manager. ◎ Track progress ◎ Celebrate success! 30
  12. “ We always overestimate the change that will occur in

    the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. Don't let yourself be lulled into inaction. “ 31 Bill Gates
  13. 2019 Reading List ◎ Never Split the Difference ◎ Culture

    Code ◎ Site Reliability Engineering ◎ Designing Data Intensive Applications ◎ The Mythical Man-month ◎ Emotional Intelligence ◎ A Philosophy of Software Design ◎ Mindsets 33
  14. 2019 Courses ◎ Machine Learning ◎ Deep Learning ◎ Public

    Speaking ◎ Negotiation ◎ Managing company of the future ◎ OWASP Top 10 ◎ Agile ◎ Creative Writing 34
  15. 2019 Podcasts ◎ Software Engineering Daily ◎ Developer on Fire

    ◎ Masters of Scale ◎ Techmeme ride home ◎ The Knowledge Project ◎ Manager Tools ◎ Software Engineering Radio ◎ Simple Leadership 35
  16. References ◎ Stack Overflow 2019 Developer Survey ◎ Github Octoverse

    ◎ Experience Economy ◎ GitLab Developer Survey 36