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DFW CTI Pros: Inglorious Threat Intelligence

DFW CTI Pros: Inglorious Threat Intelligence

From the depths of the Atlantic Ocean to the deserts of North Africa to the formation of the Office of Strategic Services, World War II provides countless lessons for the intelligence analyst. The talk will discuss the evolution of intelligence work at that time and how it had to evolve to address the needs of the intelligence consumer. Rick will draw conclusions from the intelligence successes and failures of the conflict that you can apply to your threat intelligence program


Rick Holland

April 24, 2017


  1. INGLORIOUS THREAT INTELLIGENCE @rickhholland Rick Holland VP Strategy, Digital Shadows

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  6. “Now this is not the end. It is not even

    the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”
  7. Chapter One Wild Bill Donovan @rickhholland

  8. US Intelligence - 1941 8 Primitive Parochial Underfunded Undermanned Dumping

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  10. “Information is useless unless it is intelligently directed to the

    strategic purpose.”
  11. Office of Strategic Services

  12. Behind enemy lines

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  16. Chapter Two Operation Torch @rickhholland

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  18. 1. Inspire guerrilla warfare campaign against French

  19. 2. Ensure French forces wouldn’t resist landing US troops

  20. 3. Provide intel on French troop strength and disposition

  21. 4. Provide intel on landing conditions at ports and beaches

  22. OSS enabled the path to the “soft underbelly” of Europe.

    Align to the “strategic purpose”
  23. Chapter Three Operation Barbarossa @rickhholland

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  25. Avoid winter warfare in Russia

  26. Also never get involved in a land war in Asia

  27. Admiral Wilhelm Canaris Head of the Abwehr

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  29. 1. SOC analyst 2. Threat hunter 3. Chief Information Security

    Officer 4. Other C level executives 5. Business unit / Line of business leader Use personas to better understand your intel customers
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  31. • Specific to the individual • What are their triggers?

    • What are they passionate about? • Document! Build dossiers on your intel customers
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  33. 5 ways to connect with your intel customers

  34. 1. Use their terminology; not yours

  35. 2. Focus on what they care about

  36. 3. Create a personal story that resonates

  37. 4. Be flexible, adjust your process

  38. 5. Engage outside of work

  39. Chapter Four Operation North Pole @rickhholland

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  41. Major Hermann Giskes of the Abwehr

  42. Huub Lauwers

  43. ‣ 90 Royal Air Force sorties flown ‣ 54 Dutch

    SOE agents died ‣ 83 RAF crew died
  44. 500,000 Guilders

  45. 53 SOE radio sets

  46. > 4,000 machine guns

  47. 50,000 rounds of ammunition

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  49. “Whenever you will come to pay a visit to the

    Continent you may be assured that you will be received with the same care and result as all those who you sent us before.”
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  51. Don’t let rivalries impact analysis

  52. Leave the drama at home

  53. Things aren’t what they seem, STILL

  54. SATs should be 2nd nature

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  57. 1. Align to the “strategic purpose” 2. Use personas to

    better understand your intel customer 3. Build dossiers on your intel customer 4. Connect with your intel customer Summary
  58. 5. Don’t let rivalries impact analysis 6. Leave the drama

    at home 7. Structured analytic techniques should be 2nd nature Summary
  59. 59 Thank you! @rickhholland

  60. • Wild Bill Donovan: The Spymaster Who Created the OSS

    and Modern American Espionage • Hitler's Spies: German Military Intelligence in World War II • German Military Intelligence In World War II • Volume 1 War Report Office of Strategic Services Washington Organization, • Volume 2 War Report: Office of Strategic Services: Operations in the Field, • Analysis of The Personality of Adolph Hitler • A Timeline for Using Analytic Techniques Throughout an Analytic Project publications/books-and-monographs/Tradecraft%20Primer-apr09.pdf • The Science of Building Buyer Personas, posts/content-marketing/science-building-buyer-personas/ • Trump and intelligence: 6 ways to deal with challenging intelligence consumers ways-to-deal-with-challenging-intelligence-consumers/ • Two ways to effectively tailor your intelligence products effectively-tailor-your-intelligence-products/ References: