Jest can do whaaat?

073b377c7d0280cd8ca8c97cd3e7eaf4?s=47 Robin Pokorny
November 01, 2017

Jest can do whaaat?

Jest is React’s best testing companion. It also brought several concepts to mainstream JavaScript testing: zero configuration, first-class mocking, and snapshots. With the rapid release of speed improvements, it’s easy to miss a new useful feature. I will present some lesser-known possibilities of recent Jest versions I’ve learned during experimenting, reading (and writing) the docs, and browsing the code.


Presented at React Open Source:

- Example code:
- Jest Snapshots and Beyond ( by Rogelio Guzman (recording)
- Writing snapshot plugins ( in the docs
- Effective Snapshot Testing ( by Kent C. Dodds
- Async testing in Jest ( (recording)
- Snapshot testing in Jest ( (recording)
- Async testing Koa with Jest (


Robin Pokorny

November 01, 2017