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Joining the Data Science Community

Joining the Data Science Community

How and why to build your network in data science (slightly updated for social distancing).

Emily Robinson

April 07, 2020

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  1. Emily Robinson Senior Data Scientist at Warby Parker Joining the

    Data Science Community
  2. Acknowledging the current situation ➔ We’re in an unprecedented time

    ➔ Some traditional venues are closed (in-person meetups) ➔ Community remain important and core principles stand ➔ We’ll get better at adapting and find new avenues to connect
  3. Barriers & Misconceptions Why Network? Where to Start Networking Effectively

  4. Barriers & Misconceptions

  5. 1. It’s awkward

  6. 2. It’s solely self-serving

  7. 3. It’s a numbers game

  8. It can be all of these things …

  9. But it can also be this:

  10. Generating some examples …

  11. From real people (not actors)

  12. From real people (not actors)

  13. From real people (not actors)

  14. From real people (not actors)

  15. From real people (not actors)

  16. Why Network?

  17. People come to you

  18. People come to you

  19. Gain opportunities Jared Lander (meetup organizer) asked me to speak

  20. Snowball effect

  21. Give Back

  22. Where do you start?

  23. Meetups

  24. Twitter

  25. Ask for help (use hashtags)

  26. Live tweet talks

  27. Share your work

  28. Share other people’s work

  29. Networking effectively

  30. Build early

  31. Follow the Pacman Rule

  32. Understand your position Start with them?

  33. Understand your position Start with them?

  34. Meeting your heroes

  35. Get specific ➔ Mentions their work ➔ Offers a topic

    ➔ Suggests a specific time (that’s limited)
  36. Real-life example Hi Emily, I'm reaching out because I'd like

    to apply to Etsy, most likely for the more junior position having finished Metis in XYZ. We haven't chatted much lately, but I've been following your career with interest - I can tell by how active you've been in the community, writing blogs, giving talks, appearing at conferences etc. that Etsy has been a supportive place to learn and grow and build cool things and give back to the open-source community. I'd love to hear more about your experience there over coffee sometime. But in the meantime do let me know if you have a direct application link so I can get the referral credited to you. If I don't hear from you by, say, Monday I'll reach out to you on Twitter or email (I think I have your email?) in case you're not checking your Slack. Thanks!
  37. Specific Tips for the current time ➔ Look for connection

    through mutual experience or friends/colleagues ➔ See if your local meetups are running virtually – consider giving a lightning talk! ➔ Understand people’s schedule may have changed dramatically – be flexible
  38. Conclusion

  39. Strong networks lift everyone up

  40. Resources ➔ Making Peace with Personal Branding by Rachel Thomas

    ➔ Climbing the Relationship Ladder by Mark Meloon ➔ Do you have time for a Quick Chat? by Trey Causey ➔ Learn to Love Networking in HBR ➔ Overcoming Social Anxiety by Steph Locke
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