Build a Career in Data Science

Build a Career in Data Science

“The best job in America.” “The sexist job of the 21st century.” Data Scientist, a title that didn’t even exist before 2008, is now the position employers can’t hire enough of and job seekers strive to become. With this popularity comes more and more people vying for entry-level data science jobs. How can you stand out from the crowd and actually land your first job as a data scientist?

In this talk, Emily will cover what skills you need to start your career, the different types of data scientist jobs, and how to best position yourself based on your academic and work history. She’ll show you how to make not only a standout resume and cover letter but also a strong data science portfolio of projects and blog posts. If you’ve been struggling to break into the field or are even just curious about what the data science hype is all about, this talk is for you.


Emily Robinson

November 10, 2019