Judge an App by its icon

Judge an App by its icon

Android and launcher (homescreen) icons: as with everything, it’s a lot more complicated than you’d think, once you look into it. But it’s not so complicated that I cannot run you through it in a few minutes! If you want to know all the latest news on the matter, do join.

This is aimed at designers, but with an hands-on approach.

* What is an Android launcher?
* The ways of the past: free for all, but also squares, but also any shapes
* The ways of the present: shortcuts and circles, pretty much, unless other shapes
* The ways of the future: adaptive icons

For each of the “ways” we’ll have a few tips and tricks and examples of how you’d set them up. The end goal is to have a sample project which has a few examples of all the aforementioned things, and a sample project that you can check out for reference.


Hack & Tell presented at Novoda -> http://novoda.tv
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLV9HvubgIY


Sebastiano Poggi

July 12, 2017