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Specious unit in Varthur- Rohan Antara

Specious unit in Varthur- Rohan Antara

Rohan Antara incorporates Vaastu principles into the design and layout of its apartments to create a balanced and positive living environment for Bangalore residents. Orientation, room layout, balance of elements, use of color, amenities and consultation with Vaastu experts are some of the ways Rohan Antara Bangalore ensures Vaastu compliance in its apartments and provides a holistic living experience for its occupants.

Rohan Antara

April 20, 2023

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  1. Rohan Antara
    Varhtur Road.

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  2. Rohan Antara
    ⚫ Rohan Antara is a large residential apartment group
    within Prestige Lakeside habitat located
    on Whitefield Varhtur Road. The area features 1, 2, 3,
    and 4 bedroom deluxe apartments in sizes varying
    between 905 Sqft and 2882 Sqft. Set on 102 acres, the
    abodes are Vaastu compliant, perfectly ventilated, and
    abundantly lit units with world-class amenities and

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  3. Rohan Antara Key Dates
    ⚫ Pre-launch Date: To be declare shortly
    ⚫ Completion Date: Four years from date of launch
    ⚫ Possession Date: urgent , after completion of project

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  4. Rohan Antara Master Plan

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  5. Floor Plan

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  6. Amenities

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