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Introduction to Interactive eBook technology in Cambodia

Introduction to Interactive eBook technology in Cambodia

Rotati hosted a very interesting event on the subject of Interactive eBook technology on Saturday April 23rd, 2016 at 2pm at Rotati Villa which presented by Mr. Hean TOUCH, a Co-Founder and Project Manager at CamAnt Technology who specializes in providing Digital Books and Mobile Educational Apps for Cambodian Children.

Mr. Hean shared his 6 years experience in software development with various technologies and also with his strong passion of making and learning fun for children.
Mr. Hean presented how the technology has a big impact on children’s education.


Rotati Consulting

April 23, 2016


  1.         TOUCH  Hean   Co-­‐Founder

     &  Project  Manager           !"មអន           Digital  Books  for  Children      

  3. SOLUTION   Transform  gaming  into  educaIon  that  we  called  

    Digital  Book  applicaIons     MAKE  LEARNING  FUN  
  4. UNIQUE  PROPOSITION   •  Easy  and  Self  Study   • 

    Parental  Control   •  Gaming  and  Cartoon     •  Song  &  Music   •  NarraIon   •  Comprehension  Quiz   •  Khmer  &  English  
  5. Target  Children  from  3  to  12  years  old  

  6. WHY  NOW?   •  The  Internet  access   •  Smartphone

      •  Children’s  educaIon  is  first  need  
  7. We  inspire  your  children  to  learn  Khmer   language  effecIvely.

  8. We  teach  your  children  to  learn  Khmer  number   with

  9. We  help  your  children  to  know  more  about   Khmer

  10. VAILABILITY   •  Download  Free   •  Devices:    iPhone,

     iPad,  Tablet  and  Samsung  devices   •  Coming  soon  on  PC  
  11. DOWNLOAD   •  Tiger,  Monkey  and  Rabbit   – iPhone  or

     iPad   •  Learn  Kor  Ka   – iPhone  or  iPad   – Android  or  Samsung  devices   •  What  Numer  Am  I?   – iPhone  or  iPad   – Android  or  Samsung  devices   •  Our  demo  
  12. Technology   •  EPUB3   –  Web  Technologies:  HTML5,  CSS3,

     jQuery/ Javascript   –  Run  on  eBook  Reader  (iBook)   •  Cocos2d-­‐js   Write  the  code  once  in  javascript  and  deploy  on   pladorm:  Web,  PC,  iOS  and  Android    
  13. OUR  TEAM  

  14. VISION   •  Children  enjoy  reading   •  Supplemental  Teaching

     and  Learning  Tools        
  15. THANKS  YOU     Want  to  download  Digital  Books  free?

      Want  to  publish  your  books  online?     Contact  Us