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elbum pitch

63fc99989b9c4b0f85d804175ec838b5?s=47 Roy Lin
March 03, 2014

elbum pitch


Roy Lin

March 03, 2014

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  1. Improvement Goes with Statistics @elbumapp founders@elbum.in

  2. )HZHU 0RUH ? @elbumapp founders@elbum.in

  3. @elbumapp founders@elbum.in )HZHU 0RUH

  4. @elbumapp founders@elbum.in ? )HZHU 0RUH

  5. @elbumapp founders@elbum.in ? )HZHU 0RUH

  6. @elbumapp founders@elbum.in ? )HZHU 0RUH

  7. @elbumapp founders@elbum.in ? )HZHU 0RUH

  8. @elbumapp founders@elbum.in Understanding your game is hard.

  9. So, drop the pencil. @elbumapp founders@elbum.in

  10. Revolutionize your game tracking. @elbumapp founders@elbum.in

  11. @elbumapp founders@elbum.in Be niche, get rich. Global Forecast of Installations

    of Sports & Fitness Mobile App 0 75 150 225 300 2010 2012 2014 2016 in millions of units Number of Teams 16k+ 500k+ 80k+
  12. Revenue Model @elbumapp founders@elbum.in FREE $9.99 $99.99 for month one

    cup Free Trial Teams Host Basic Features Advanced Analysis Private Stats Game stream Custom URL Registration system Unlimited Games
  13. Powerful features & responsive design Web @elbumapp founders@elbum.in

  14. iOS (Waiting for Review on App Store) @elbumapp founders@elbum.in All

    records are in the Pocket.
  15. Partnership @elbumapp founders@elbum.in We grow with our partners. DONE: PIPELINE:

  16. Traction Users: Teams: Games: Pageviews: Visits: Visit duration: 1,800 183

    123 31,000 5,100 4m12s @elbumapp founders@elbum.in Numbers without any promotion.
  17. @elbumapp founders@elbum.in OURTEAM Labrada Brian Roy Gary DESIGNER DEVELOPER PRODUCT