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iOS 6 change

Roy Lin
August 29, 2012

iOS 6 change

The introduction of iOS 6 about UI changes and some new APIs.
With the screen shots, you can understand what's the difference between the iOS 5 and iOS6 at one glance.

Roy Lin

August 29, 2012

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  1. What’s the difference in iOS 6 Redesigned with a more

    friendly UI Other apps can access and share lists Forget Google map, it’s iOS map now Create audio for interactive web app New feature about reminder and no disturb Focus, exposure and region, also face detection API
  2. iOS 6 for Developers Facebook integration A) deep integration with

    Facebook B) more way to connect and share by adding Facebook C) using SLRequset to access user’s account
  3. iOS 6 for Developers iOS 6 map A) new Map

    engine into your app B) turn by turn navigation C) bluetooth Map support D) some features need A5 or later
  4. iOS 6 for Developers Camera A) control focus, exposure, and

    region of interest with new api B) access and display face with face detection api
  5. iOS 6 for Developers Reminders “Your app can now access

    and share to-do lists in the Reminders app. With the Event Kit framework, your app can create and modify reminders, assign properties like due dates and priorities, and even set location and time-based alarms.”
  6. iOS 6 for Developers Passbook A) Apple’s “mobile wallet” system

    B) just the ticket. And the boarding pass, cards, and coupon. C) Pass kit APIs