Perspectives from a Solutions Engineer

Perspectives from a Solutions Engineer

Presented at Droidcon America Online Nov 16, 2020

This talk covers some of the most common build issues causing slow Gradle builds from seeing many different builds as a Gradle Solutions engineer. This also covers future performance improvements to the Gradle Build tool regarding ease of use and performance.

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Nelson Osacky

November 16, 2020


  1. Perspectives from a Solutions Engineer Nelson Osacky

  2. Toro y Moi - Freelance

  3. Perspectives from a Solutions Engineer •Why is productivity important? •What

    does Nelson do as a Solutions Engineer? •How can I make my build faster? •What is coming up in Gradle?
  4. Me • Previously Android Engineer • Large projects • SoundCloud

    • Square • Small startups • Solutions Engineer at Gradle
  5. Me • Gradle Plugin Maintainer • Fladle - Easily Scale

    Instrumentation Tests on Firebase • Delect - Replace Dagger with Dagger Reflect • Gradle Doctor - Actionable Insights for your build
  6. Solutions Engineer

  7. None
  8. Gradle Build Tool Gradle Enterprise

  9. Android Gradle Plugin Android Studio

  10. Kotlin Intellij

  11. Why is productivity important?

  12. Android Development Feature Development Tech Debt (There are other things

  13. Tech Debt Refactoring Build Speed

  14. Build Speed is Tech Debt And it always pays off

  15. Cost of Builds 60s waste * 50 builds / day

    * 50 devs = 42 hours lost / day
  16. Cost of Builds 60s waste * 50 builds / day

    * 50 devs = 42 hours lost / day not including lost focus
  17. Fast Builds Matter

  18. Cost of Builds 60s waste * 50 builds / day

    * 50 devs = 42 hours lost / day hire 5 new people without paying them! no recruiting
  19. Build Speed is Tech Debt And it always pays off

    And is easy to justify working on it
  20. Motivated?

  21. Solutions Engineer

  22. Solutions Engineer What do I do?

  23. Work with trial prospects

  24. Help customers get the most out of Gradle Enterprise

  25. Help Gradle address customers needs

  26. I see a lot of builds from 10 person teams

    to 1000+ Android, Gradle and Maven
  27. Optimize and understand builds Reduce failures Preach Developer Productivity Help

    customers maximize trials
  28. Help prioritize issues with Gradle Build tools and Gradle Enterprise

    Present business cases for purchasing Gradle Enterprise
  29. Meet with Google and Jetbrains to help prioritize issues impacting

  30. Fix issues in open source plugin affecting customers

  31. Solutions Team at Gradle • Gary Hale • Daz Deboer

    • Etienne Studer • Nelson Osacky (me)
  32. Solutions Team at Gradle Supported by Operations and Build Tool

    teams help me sound like I know what I'm talking about
  33. Gradle Enterprise Trials

  34. Work with a champion

  35. Meet once a week

  36. Experiments Examine build scans Help with other Gradle questions

  37. What do I see?

  38. Understanding of Gradle can vary wildly

  39. Optimization level of build can vary wildly

  40. Always room for improvements! but watch out for diminishing returns

  41. How can I go faster?

  42. Depends on your build

  43. Build Lifecycle •Initialization •Configuration •Execution

  44. Build Lifecycle Initialization Sets up the environment for the build

    and determines which projects will take part in it.
  45. Build Lifecycle Configuration All build scripts of all projects are

    executed. Constructs and configures the task graph.
  46. Build Lifecycle Execution Runs the tasks graph in order.

  47. Where to start?

  48. Check for Red Flags

  49. What is a red flag?

  50. If nothing changes, no tasks should execute.

  51. ./gradlew assembleDebug ./gradlew assembleDebug BUILD SUCCESSFUL in 2s 58 actionable

    tasks: 58 up-to-date
  52. ./gradlew assembleDebug ./gradlew assembleDebug BUILD SUCCESSFUL in 5s 359 actionable

    tasks: 3 executed, 356 from cache
  53. Check for Red Flags Regularly

  54. BUILD SUCCESSFUL in 5s 359 actionable tasks: 3 executed, 356

    up-to-date Publishing build scan... Build Analyzer results available
  55. BUILD SUCCESSFUL in 5s 359 actionable tasks: 3 executed, 356

    up-to-date Publishing build scan... Build Analyzer results available Gradle Build Scans Android Studio Build Analyzer
  56. Android Studio Build Analyzer

  57. Run a build scan ./gradlew assembleDebug --scan

  58. None
  59. Filter

  60. None
  61. None
  62. 9 tasks ran Bugsnag

  63. None
  64. Enable parallel, enable caching, enable daemon

  65. 16627 tasks is a red flag

  66. Use Task Configuration Avoidance

  67. Configuration time should be roughly 5s per 100 projects

  68. Just released

  69. File system watching https:///

  70. Easiest build speed improvement!

  71. Faster input snapshotting

  72. Jetifier performance improvements Released in AGP 4.1.0

  73. Jetifier - please kill it

  74. None
  75. Stuck on the Jetifier?

  76. plugins { id "com.github.plnice.canidropjetifier" version "0.5" } Can I drop

    Jetifier? ./gradlew -Pandroid.enableJetifier=false canIDropJetifier
  77. Jetify At Home ./jetifier-standalone -i <source-library> -o <output-library>

  78. Jetify At Home Upload to nexus

  79. Update Dependencies

  80. None
  81. Update All The Things ⬢ Gradle 6.7 ⬢ Android Gradle

    Plugin 4.1.1 ⬢ Gradle Enterprise Plugin 3.5 ⬢ Kotlin 1.4.10 ⬢ Third party plugins ⬢ Third party libraries Stable File Watching Caching Improvements Task Configuration Avoidance Compressed scan upload Incremental Annotation Processors Fixes for caching bugs
  82. Update All The Things plugins { id "com.github.ben-manes.versions" version "0.33.0"

    } ./gradlew dependencyUpdates -Drevision=release
  83. None
  84. Let's talk caching

  85. Local Cache and Remote Cache

  86. build_cache.html

  87. Scaling Android Builds in Pandemic Times Inaki Villar 3:00pm PST

    - Nov 17th
  88. If a task has been run before, no need to

  89. Compilation, generation, packaging, tests

  90. Fix cache misses

  91. Gradle Enterprise

  92. Public Gradle Enterprise instances • • •

  93. Task Input Comparison • • cacheability=cacheable&expanded=WyJsbTVwNjU1bWFqbGx5LWNsYXNzcGF0aCIsIjdlN mtzNWVidnRoeTYtY2xhc3NwYXRoIiwidDd4dDZjZ3d2d3ZqcS0kMSJd

  94. Failure Analysis •

  95. Flaky Test Analysis • search.relativeStartTime=P7D&search.timeZoneId=Europe/ Zurich& eTest&tests.sortField=FAILED&tests.test=up-to- date%20assemble%20with%20local%20build%20cache%20enabled%20(parallel%20false) &tests.unstableOnly=true

  96. Upcoming performance enhancements

  97. Configuration Cache

  98. Kotlin 1.4.20 AGP 4.2.0 Full configuration caching support

  99. Bugfixes to incremental Kotlin Compiler

  100. Performance improvements when restoring from cache for incremental compile

  101. Gradle 6.8 Improvements

  102. Faster kts build script compilation

  103. Compile avoidance for kts build script compilation

  104. Configuration cache for included builds

  105. Future improvements in AGP and Gradle

  106. Unbounded thread executor used for transformations

  107. Android Studio Sync improvements in 4.2.0

  108. Empty Source Directory Cache misses

  109. Empty Source Directory Cache miss

  110. Empty Source Directory Cache misses Gary Hale

  111. Ease of Use

  112. Idiomatic Gradle

  113. Upcoming usability improvements

  114. Idiomatic Gradle Jendrik Johannes https:///

  115. Idiomatic Gradle ./gradlew my-awesome-library:compileTestJava ./gradlew mAL:cT Kebab case https:///

  116. Idiomatic Gradle allProjects { repositories { mavenCentral() } } Central

    Repository Declaration https:///
  117. Idiomatic Gradle dependencyResolutionManagement { components { withModule('', GuavaRule) } }

    Central Component Metadata Rules https:///
  118. Idiomatic Gradle ./gradlew :my-other-project:sub:foo Executing Tasks From Included Builds https:///

  119. More Resources

  120. Gradle Training

  121. Gradle Community Slack

  122. Benchmarking Builds with the Gradle Profiler Tony Robalik profiler-oa8

  123. Understanding, Profiling, and Optimizing Gradle in Android Builds Nate Ebel android-builds/
  124. Improving Android Build Performance Devoxx Belgium 2018 Cédric Champeau
  125. Build Bigger, Better: Gradle for Large Projects Google I/O 2019

    Aurimas Liutikas and Xavier Ducrohet
  126. Beyond Modularization - Scaling Android Builds Nelson Osacky

  127. The Secrets of the Build Scan Plugin and the Internals

    of Gradle Virtual Android Makers Paris 2020 Me
  128. Measuring remote build cache performance

  129. Scaling Android Builds in Pandemic Times Inaki Villar 3:00pm PST

    - Nov 17th
  130. Android Builds At Scale Zac Sweers, Chiu-Ki Chan, Israel Ferrero

    Camacho, John Rodriguez, Ivan Gavrilogic 1:10pm PST - Nov 17th
  131. Thank you! Gradle Enterprise Trial Gradle

    Solutions is hiring