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Develocity Reporting and Visualization

Develocity Reporting and Visualization

With the latest release of Develocity comes the ability to create custom Grafana dashboards and queries with all of the power of the Develocity platform. This talk will cover what comes out of the box with the new Develocity Reporting Kit as well as how you can customize it to report on the metrics that matter to you, your team as well as your company. The Develocity Reporting and Visualization set of tools facilitate custom analysis of Develocity build data by allowing build data to be queried with an SQL-like language and visualized using the Grafana visualization platform.

Here are some questions our customers are answering today with the DRV:

What is the progress of the latest build tool or CI migration?
Which projects have the highest potential savings if we enable build cache?
Which projects are single-threaded and have many modules that can benefit from parallelism?
How much time is being spent on compilation, tests, and dependency download times for our projects?
What are our slowest tests?
What are the top Tool Chain Failures that we should prioritize?

Nelson Osacky

June 11, 2024

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  1. Nelson • Lead Solu ti ons Engineer, Develocity • Previously

    Android Engineer (SoundCloud, Square) • Gradle Plugin Maintainer • Fladle — Easily Scale Instrumenta ti on Tests on Firebase • Gradle Doctor — Ac ti onable Insights for your build
  2. • Helping software teams of all sizes • Optimizing builds

    • Improving reliability • Get the most out of their build Gradle Solutions team
  3. • Improving the Gradle ecosystem • Fixing issues in OSS

    plugins • Aligning with Google and JetBrains Gradle Solutions team
  4. Costs of Inefficiency 60s waste * 50 builds / day

    * 50 devs = 42 hours lost / day h tt ps:/ /gradle.com/roi-calculator
  5. DPE is a new software development practice used by leading

    software development organizations to maximize developer productivity and happiness.
  6. Develocity API • Rest-style API • JSON • OpenAPI based

    standard h tt ps:/ /docs.gradle.com/develocity/api-manual/
  7. Develocity API • Builds API • Build a tt ribute

    API • Build caching API • Networking API • Test API • Build depreca ti ons API • Transform API h tt ps:/ /docs.gradle.com/develocity/api-manual/ref/2024.1.html
  8. Develocity Reporting and Visualization • Extensible pla tf orm for

    data explora ti on and analysis • Custom visualiza ti ons and repor ti ng • Cross project repor ti ng
  9. Develocity Reporting and Visualization • Out-of-the-box set of Grafana dashboards

    • Exports all the data available via the Develocity API • Custom queries via Trino/Athena SQL
  10. Who is it for? • Applica ti on developers •

    Build maintainers • Pla tf orm Engineers • Developer Produc ti vity Engineers • Engineering organiza ti on leaders
  11. Thank you Develocity Trial h tt ps:/ /gradle.com/develocity/trial/ https:/ /gradle.com/careers

    Gradle is hiring DPE University h tt ps:/ /dpeuniversity.gradle.com/