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Transitioning to Moodle 2 - Supporting faculty at RRU

Transitioning to Moodle 2 - Supporting faculty at RRU

Royal Roads University recently upgraded from moodle 1.95 to moodle 2, this is our third major upgrade over the last six years and we have learned a few things we would like to share. This session provides an overview of the transition process and training strategy we developed for the university, based on lessons learned from past upgrades. We’ll take a look at the teaching and facilitation resources available to faculty, including the site we call Mastering Moodle. Mastering Moodle is both a resource site and a self-directed course for faculty who need to learn how to edit in moodle 2. Users can choose to work through the modules at their own pace or focus in on a particular resource, activity or tool. And Mastering Moodle is an open educational resource, which can be downloaded and adapted for use in your institution.


June 07, 2013

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  1. ETUG Spring Workshop, Burnaby June 2013 Transitioning to MOODLE 2.0

    Supporting faculty at RRU Presented by: Sandra Rogers, Instructional Designer, CTET Terri Bateman, Instructional Designer CTET
  2. Review the transition process & training strategies OVERVIEW • Teaching

    and facilitation resources developed for faculty: • Orientation to Moodle • MyRRU for Faculty • Mastering Moodle
  3. Who's involved in supporting Moodle? RRU TEAMS • CTET -

    Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies • IT Services • Web Systems (Moodle and other web development) • Computer Services (Help Desk) • Project Planning (Business Analysis for project work) • Server and Network (Hardware infrastructure, server support) • Data and Applications (Database support)

    • Instructional Designers • E-Learning Technicians • Instructional Media Developers • Media Support Services (media production) • Develop new courses • Revise existing courses (making major & minor revisions) • Produce training material, covering pedagogy and technology • Deliver training workshops • Produce video, audio, animation, interactive media for courses Our role support faculty
  5. Apply what we learned from past upgrades.... STRATEGIES THAT WORKED

    • Don’t invest time and $$ producing resources that change frequently • Don’t upgrade all courses at the same time • Make training sessions short and focused • Create support resources in only one medium (i.e. PDF or web page, not both) • Provide a landing page with clear links to both servers - http: //moodle.royalroads.ca
  6. Moving Faculty from Moodle 1.95 – 2 TRANSITION PLAN •

    Two year process ◦ M2 for programs/cohorts starting after June 1, 2012) CTET Timeline • CTET - first look at M2 starts Sep 2011 ◦ M2 sandbox - winter 11/12 ◦ Testing, testing & more testing starts Jan 2012 ◦ Producing M2 resources (Feb-Jun) ◦ production server (available 3 weeks before launch) • Pre-launch – 6 weeks out • Launch – June 1
  7. Supporting the transition PRE- LAUNCH Videos • General overview •

    Theme • Navigation • Text editor • File picker
  8. Supporting the transition PRE- LAUNCH • M2 Transition Collaborate sessions

    • for faculty teaching in next 2 months on M2 • 30 min session • Offered bi-weekly • accompanied by feature articles in the weekly newsletter
  9. Supporting the transition PRE- LAUNCH • Moodle Orientation site in

    M2 • developed for faculty, students and staff • M2 from a user perspective • sandbox forums & assignments • private site
  10. Supporting the transition LAUNCH • My RRU for Faculty -

    faculty.myrru.royalroads.ca ◦ Facilitation resources for faculty • Mastering Moodle ◦ M2 resource site for editing in M2 ◦ self-directed course ◦ Available as an OER - oer.royalroads.ca ◦ resources about Book
  11. Moving Forward POST LAUNCH • Continued Transitions sessions through the

    fall 2012 & winter 2013 • Transitions session available as a recording to view • MSWO – Moodle Skills Workshop Online ◦ facilitated online course designed for faculty editing M2 • MSW F2F - Moodle Skills Workshop face-2-face ◦ one day facilitated course • Update support sites as needed • we were better prepared this time because we learned from past upgrades and applied the lessons learned
  12. Lessons learned for next time.... WHAT WE LEARNED THIS TIME

    • University brand re-launch wasn't an issue, only a few training slides needed to be updated because we were prepared • two servers is not an issue - see landing page • stay calm and embrace change • try to pilot with fewer courses • be prepared to make changes to your material in response to user needs, input from stakeholders

  14. VISIT RRU • http://open.royalroads.ca • http://www.royalroads.ca