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Hiring and retaining for diversity

Hiring and retaining for diversity

Diverse teams are good for your business, but how do you go about hiring a more diverse team, and more importantly, how do you retain them?

Sarah Wells worked at the Financial Times for over a decade. Joining them as a Senior Developer, she was one of the only women in engineering.

By the time she left at the end of last year, across permanent engineers in London the FT had around 35% women and non-binary, evenly spread at all levels and in the Tech Leadership Group, it was men who were in the minority.

Hear about the things the FT did that made a difference to impact diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Sarah Wells

April 20, 2022

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  9. @sarahjwells Hiring Retaining

  10. @sarahjwells Hiring Retaining

  11. @sarahjwells Showcase an inclusive culture HIRING

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  15. @sarahjwells Use your networks HIRING

  16. @sarahjwells Bad job specs can filter out good people https://labs.ft.com/2014/08/not-everything-is-awesome/

  17. @sarahjwells Make sure no one is interviewed exclusively by straight

    white men HIRING
  18. @sarahjwells Expect a diverse shortlist HIRING

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  20. @sarahjwells Don’t select based on how much free time someone

    has HIRING
  21. @sarahjwells Support non-standard routes into coding HIRING

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    inclusion RETAINING
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  27. @sarahjwells RETAINING This needs to include white men in leadership

  28. @sarahjwells Give opportunities to underrepresented people RETAINING

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  30. @sarahjwells Data is crucial RETAINING

  31. @sarahjwells Use the data to make things fairer RETAINING

  32. @sarahjwells Metrics show what matters RETAINING

  33. @sarahjwells Offer training, and expect your leaders to attend RETAINING

  34. @sarahjwells Stand up for people https://larahogan.me/blog/what-sponsorship-looks-like/ RETAINING

  35. @sarahjwells Set up employee networks RETAINING

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