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AACT - UI Structure

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October 09, 2021

AACT - UI Structure

Architecture and Token concur Anatomy and Component.

以前話したCDE(Concept Design Engineering)のDEのグラデーションのところを良く表すフレームワークになったと思います.




October 09, 2021


  1. AACT - UI Structure - M. Sarashino

  2. Topics 01 02 03 04 05 Data and Object Function

    and Emotion AACT is Architecture and Anatomy Component and Token
  3. Data Oriented Functional? No, it’s “Data Oriented” basically. However, it

    is also function in math that data in the sense of value in program. So usually “functional” is used as mean of “data oriented”.
  4. Object Oriented Although, Object Oriented has several variants, its origin

    is clear: Existentialism. It is the perspective that things’ phisical and temporal existance is core meaning of things.
  5. Metaphisics vs Phisics Data, or information itself is metaphisic thing,

    though Object, ofcourse, is thing from phisical perspective.
  6. Function and Emotion Function including data is basic idea of

    formal recognition of real world. Emational attributes like color, shape and spacing has artistic and heart moving aspect.
  7. AACT Architecture Anatomy Component Token

  8. Architecture Anatomy Component Emotion Segregated Function Integrated Metaphisics Phisics Token

  9. Architecture data model, environment, infrastructure

  10. Anatomy layout, not yet modularised components

  11. Component functional, meaningful chunk

  12. Token mood, air atmosphere

  13. Thank you! Questions? Images: Unsplash Fonts: Playfair Display, Roboto Graphics:

    Freepik M. Sarashino, misaki@sarashino.io, @sarashino.io