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Building a smart store using sensors, devices and virtual space.

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November 20, 2021

Building a smart store using sensors, devices and virtual space.



November 20, 2021


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  2. Profile YOKOTA Satoshi ALL AWS Certifications Engineers AWS Top Engineers

    AWS Community Hero Classmethod founder and CEO APN Premier Consulting Partner DevelopersIO / Zenn Fb /satoshi7 Tw @sato_shi
  3. Dec, 2011 My daughter started the AWS console when she

    was 0 yrs old. That was legacy UI with only 15 services.
  4. May, 2012 She debuted at JAWS-UG when she was 1

    yrs old. Perhaps the youngest AWS speaker ever.
  5. Nov, 2021 How time flies! t1.large(she), t2.medium, t3.micro and t4g.nano

  6. Building a smart store using sensors, devices and virtual space.

  7. Today, I would like to share with you my story

    of Amazon’s culture in action.
  8. July, 2018 User experience design and repeated prototyping

  9. Jan, 2019 Opened small store with Amazon Go-like experiences for

    getting customer feedbacks.
  10. Mar, 2019 Mobile app. Circuit board design. Store equipment.

  11. Nov, 2019 Original hardware design with Shenzhen Manufacturer.

  12. Apr, 2020 Advanced circuit board design

  13. Jul, 2020 Sensor fusion Weight sensor. Depth sensor. ToF(3d point

    cloud) sensor. Computer vision camera.
  14. Remote control of edge devices Firmware, power supply, network, logging,

    anomaly detection, alert, reboot, restart
  15. Sep, 2020 Item, shelf layout, auth, order, payment, customer.

  16. Friction-less customer experience. Friction piont - Timing of payment (credit

    or pre-paid). - Timing of customer registration and authentication. - Entrance gate. Check-in action. - Input credit card / mobile number / email App in-App SSO Guest check-in Payment machine after check-out
  17. Platform Managed services Serverless Multi tenant Lower cost

  18. Aug, 2021 Online service for trial manufacture of fabricated sheet

    metal products from 3D CAD data.
  19. Computer Vision learning process

  20. Prediction integrated customer behaviors. RAW data > Cleaning > Inference

    > Aggregate > Decision
  21. Auto generate synthetic, annotated & photo-realistic multi angle datasets Nov,

  22. 2022 Shop in virtual space using crypto assets? Online behavior

    affects offline? Offline behavior affects online? Just do it JAWS guys.
  23. Improvements and challenges are still ongoing.