immmr - going both ways. Telecom's potential of an IP communications platform next to the classic Telco Stack

immmr - going both ways. Telecom's potential of an IP communications platform next to the classic Telco Stack

immmr - going both ways. Telecom's potential of an IP communications platform next to the classic Telco Stack

- A transformation from last years’ proposition - shaping focus
- immmr's challenges as a Telco funded start-up
- 1 year and 1 launch later, what has changed?
- The TADS story continues: platform transformation and new partnerships

Presented 2017-11-14 at TADSummit in Lisbon, Portugal


Sebastian Schumann

November 14, 2017


  1. immmr – going both ways Telecom’s Potential Of An IP

    Communications Platform Next To The Classic “Telco Stack” Sebastian Schumann, VP Engineering immmr GmbH
  2. Recap – TADSummit 2016 2

  3. We Bring Together Traditional Voice With 21st Century Voice And

    Video To Create New Communication Experiences 3 The boundaries of mobile telephony: § Traditional mobile voice and SMS is limited to the SIM-card and the phone What we are doing: § Virtualization of the mobile number and unleashing mobile communication from its limitations § Telco voice and video is becoming a 21st century service beyond telephony What we are enabling: § Combination of traditional and IP based voice and video within a single service § New communication experiences § New business models with non-telco services in the future
  4. Telco Evolution Towards A Hybrid Communication Service 4 Technology Stack

    Telco-centric Dependencies Internet-based Green-field Product Development Standardized & Interoperable Agile & Flexible Service Delivery Universal & Carrier grade Feature rich & Best effort
  5. Service Innovation In The Speed Of Software Development Not Infrastructure

    Rollout 5 Internet World Operator World An operator’s approach building an internet communication service Deliver with the speed of software development Functional scope of current internet comms services No artificial limitations (operator, country, device) State of the art internet technologies1 No contradiction to ongoing IP transformation No separate charging and revolution of pricing model Utilize existing user identity and customer relation Take full control over customer experience Minimum invasive integration2 1) E.g. microservices, RESTful APIs, container, … 2) Without dependencies or complexity
  6. White-labeling immmr To Magenta 6

  7. UK Trial With New Product Development As “Orbit” 7 Product

    Proposition § Separate your private and business communication § Orbit provides additional numbers § Users can do PSTN calls § Users can send and receive SMS Launch Platforms § iOS App § Web App § Mac Desktop App
  8. “Orbit” – UK Trial Overview 8 Trial Goals § Social

    Media marketing insights § Commercial viability and in-market experiences for multi- numbering § Get insights for future features based on customer feedback Trial Product § Try additional number (max 90 days) § 30 free minutes for calling and SMS § Minute/SMS packages via in-app purchases More Information:
  9. Challenges Evolving Carrier Voice Communication …For And With A Carrier

    9 A differentiating experience is key to bridging Telephony with an Internet service experience. This will bring both benefits and drawbacks. Benefits allow user experience that is not possible or very hard to reach with the legacy Telco stack. Drawbacks mostly mitigated by integrating with it. Some key constraints of legacy telephony cannot (yet) be met
  10. ”Magenta” Value Proposition Characteristics as of today 10 Benefits §

    Multi-device, browser capable (“any device”), SIM card independent (Wi-Fi only) § Internet communication over circuit-switched network (always reachable) § Complete postpaid tariff integration – real phone without any efforts § Bi-directional adaptability on changing IP networks § Phone-like behavior in apps (e.g. native integration with CallKit) Drawbacks § Limitations by device operating system towards 100% dialer replacement § Complex communication towards customer since telephony behavior already engrained
  11. Platform Evolution & New Partnerships 11 From PoC To A

    Scalable Production Telco Stack Extension “Make vs Buy”, Differentiating Unique Proposition
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