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Hive Waterloo

Sean Yo
January 22, 2015

Hive Waterloo

Introduction to Hive Waterloo and our story so far as up January 2015

Sean Yo

January 22, 2015

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  1. Helping Kids Learn about Digital Media & Technology

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  2. • Our First Hive Pop-Up
    • On October 27th, 2012. Mozilla and TVOKids ran a “Hive Pop-
    up” event at Waterloo’s Communitech Hub as part of the TVO On The
    Road | Learning 2030 series. Parents and their kids teamed up with
    volunteers for an afternoon of digital discovery.
    • See the whole story on Storify!
    • Watch the video: TVOKids-Mozilla Hive Pop Up in Kitchener-Waterloo
    • Growing Hive Waterloo
    • A few weeks later, at the Communitech Hub where it all started, a debrief
    meeting was held.
    • Hive evangelists Mark Surman (Executive Director of the Mozilla
    Foundation), Heather Payne (Hive Toronto) andChris Lawrence (Hive
    NYC) lent their expertise
    • Family Hack Jam
    • We are thrilled to have run our very own Mozilla Hive Waterloo Popup
    • fun and exciting activities with 3D printers, Code Shield electronics kits, making
    video games and web pages!
    • National Science Week

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  3. • All Kids Have The Opportunity to Learn about
    Digital Media & Technology
    • We live our values of inclusion across gender, culture,
    race and prosperity.
    • It is cheap, simple and easy for youth technology
    organizations to start, grow and thrive.
    • Waterloo Region has a vibrant and sustainable
    ecosystem of youth technology organizations
    • Startups, Growing and Mature organizations
    • Sustained development of leadership
    • Beginners, Mentors and Coaches.

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  4. • Connect kids with the opportunity to learn about
    digital media and technology outside of the
    • We value experiential learning that is inclusive and
    inspires a sense of fun and excitement for learning that
    compliments learning at school. Hive Waterloo works
    towards these goals by helping local Waterloo Region
    youth organizations start, grow and thrive.
    • Build the technology community for local youth in
    the Waterloo Region
    • by supporting organizations that provide opportunities
    for kids to learn about digital media and technology. We
    also run Family Hack Jam, a community event for
    parents and kids to learn and explore together with
    activities like making video games, building websites,
    learning about electronics or playing with 3D printers.

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  5. • Build the capacity for digital learning opportunities
    for kids
    • Help community buildings cross-pollinate and be
    more awesome
    • Live the values of
    • Inclusion & Accessibility
    • Experiential Learning
    • Focus local investment in digital learning for kids
    • Create a funnel for regional economic development
    • Investment in technology skills
    • Investment in attractive community for technology
    • Focus local development of digital learning for kids

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  6. • Professionalize Skills
    • Provide credentials
    • Open to badging
    • Explicitly communicate values of accessibility
    and inclusion in our program offerings
    • Have a strategic plan to directly run
    programming or events

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  7. • Family Hack Jam is a day for parents and kids, ages 8+, to
    learn about digital media and technology where you can
    explore, create and share! This is a parent and child event –
    children are not allowed to participate unattended.
    • There will be activities and drop-in labs including learning
    Scratch, Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator, Minecraft
    Scavenger Hunt and many more! Please Bring Your Own
    Computer – we will have some computers available, but this
    is a BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) event.
    • These activities are brought to you by our friends from
    Maker Club, Hackademy, Brew Over Design, CAGIS, EA,
    Nerd Nite KW, Brick Works Academy and Game Asylum.
    • We also invite you to bring a donation for the Waterloo
    Region Food Bank to Family Hack Jam for us to share with
    the rest of the community.

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