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MongoDB: Best Practices, Performance Tricks, .NET Tips & Tricks

MongoDB: Best Practices, Performance Tricks, .NET Tips & Tricks

Presented at Devnot 2023 (Devnot Organization).

All gists which are used on the stage can be found here.

Selçuk Usta

June 08, 2023

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  1. AGENDA > MongoDB - Design Patterns > What should be

    observed? > How can be observed? > Index Optimization & Best Practices > MongoDB on .NET
  2. WORKING SET most frequently accessed documents by clients + all

    indexes should fit into the RAM! (RAM - 1) * 0,5 or 256 MB WIREDTIGER STORAGE ENGINE
  3. needs to check periodically; > db.serverStatus().wiredTiger.cache[...] > db.stats().dataSize > db.stats().indexSize

    > mongostat --uri="<MONGO_URI>" --interactive --discover -o="COLUMN_1,COLUMN_2" WIREDTIGER STORAGE ENGINE WORKING SET (RAM - 1) * 0,5 or 256 MB
  4. consider using an individual read preference setting instead of the

    one provided by connection settings Tips and Tricks
  5. fine-tune “connection pooling” mechanism in order for both database and

    applications to perform expected Tips and Tricks