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Running Stateful Applications on Azure Container Instances

Running Stateful Applications on Azure Container Instances

Presented at Microsoft Global Azure Bootcamp (Istanbul). It's about container architecture and Azure solutions to manage the state of containerized applications.

Selçuk Usta

April 27, 2019

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  1. Containers are not "not" hackable Containers share the kernel, other

    components of the host operating system. If there’s any vulnerability in the kernel, could affect your container.
  2. Containers are not resource independent Resource management is so important

    in container orchestration. Because more than one container can be run on one host machine.
  3. Containers are not Docker Docker is most popular containerisation platform,

    but there many other solutions out there; RKT, ContainerD, LXC, etc…
  4. Containers are not virtual machines Containers are virtualizing the underlying

    operating system while virtual machines are virtualizing the underlying hardware (hardware-level-virtualization).
  5. Kernel Space RAM DISK (1) Read a file (IO Operation)

    (2) Memory allocation User Space Container Process(1) SYSTEM CALLS(2)
  6. WHATS the DIFF? Share kernel Takes seconds to provision one

    Use host operation system Resource sharing Process-level isolation, less secure Have own kernel Takes minutes to provision one Have own operating system Resource allocation Fully isolated, hence more secure VIRTUAL MACHINES CONTAINERS
  7. All applications have state, but an application component can be

    stateless if it cleanly separates behaviors from data, and can fetch data required to perform any behavior. Jim Bugwadia
  8. Connection WebSocket Server Handshake (HTTP Upgrade) Connection opened Bi-directional messages

    (open & persistent connection) One sides closes channel (connection closed)
  9. State Solutions SQL Database Azure Redis Azure Traffic Manager Azure

    Load Balancer Azure Managed Disks Azure Key Vault