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How developers write documentation

How developers write documentation

How developers write documentation

Senthilkumar Gopal

March 18, 2020

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  1. What is Documentation Material that provides official information or evidence

    or that serves as a record. Written specification and instructions accompanying a computer program.
  2. Aspects READABILITY Available Offline No custom tools Standard Templates EDITOR

    Available Offline No custom tools Basic In built generators for TOC, tables etc., Reviews DISTRIBUTION Versioned Zero staleness Close to source of truth
  3. GITHUB Available Offline No custom tools Versioned and Reviews Close

    to source of truth Zero staleness Templates - define your own! this ←
  4. Lingua Franca MARKDOWN Released in 2004 Lightweight markup Plain text

    formatting Converted to HTML Readme files Online forums ASCIIDOC Released in 2002 Equivalent to DocBook Plain-text mark-up DocBook tool-chain PDF, TeX, manpages, e- books, slides, Git
  5. Asciidoc Why book writers are switching to Asciidoc 1. Better

    UI control 2. Admonitions 3. Macros such as TOC 4. Env. Variables 5. Advanced Table support 6. Page Navigation 7. More…. Asciidoc Reference