Breaking down the Walls Between Dev & Ops and Customer Service

8f43892395260c6ad14618987099ddcc?s=47 Serhat Can
November 28, 2018

Breaking down the Walls Between Dev & Ops and Customer Service

Companies operating always-on services have gotten adept at alerting the right Dev and Ops responders as service disruptions and issues occur. However, because information is rarely shared outside Dev and Ops organizations, there remains an incredible opportunity to improve efficiency, communication, and customer experience. In this session, Serhat Can, Technical Evangelist for OpsGenie, discusses how a new customer-forward approach provides the ability for any stakeholder to check the status of business-critical services running on AWS, report issues, and stay up to date on status changes. Serhat demos the incident lifecycle, starting with an alert from Amazon CloudWatch to developers to customer service to all the way down to the customers.


Serhat Can

November 28, 2018