How to run a devopsdays while working for a devops vendor

8f43892395260c6ad14618987099ddcc?s=47 Serhat Can
October 28, 2019

How to run a devopsdays while working for a devops vendor

DevOps market is growing crazy and for most organizations, organizing a devopsdays seems to be are a great way to market their product or service. Most core and local organizers are also working for companies with devops ties. This can create a conflict if we aren't aware of the real value lying in devopsdays and take certain precautions.

In this talk, as someone who is working for a "devops" vendor, is organizing a local event with a bunch of folks who work for a devops vendor, and is attending a bunch of other devopsdays, I'll share my lessons learned to avoid turning your event into a marketing show.


Serhat Can

October 28, 2019


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    How to run a DevOpsDays 
 while working for a

    DevOps vendor Serhat Can
 Core and İstanbul organizer @srhtcn
  2. 2.

    @srhtcn Who works for a company that has a product

    or service offer related to DevOps?
  3. 3.

    @srhtcn The rest is interested in hiring “DevOps” engineers 

    with 10+ years of experience 10 years as Ops 10 years as Dev 10 years as Manager A rockstart 
 “DevOps Engineer”
  4. 6.
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    @srhtcn This is when your company can get involved •

    You want to spend some time for organizing • You need support to take care of expenses • You need financial support in case something goes wrong • You need legal support • ….
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    @srhtcn If you want to spend your work time organizing

    an event, it is only natural for your company to expect something in return
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    @srhtcn What about making my company a sponsor? Reference:

    I don’t believe it is a good idea to offer sponsorship; unless your company is committing doing more for your event…