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Conversational UX is the ultimate in Flexible UIs

3962189473d062fdc76ce9a07cbe89fd?s=47 Shahid N. Shah
December 15, 2016

Conversational UX is the ultimate in Flexible UIs

The next generation of flexible user interfaces (UIs) will likely be conversational. The briefing was presented to the CTO Roundtable of Washington DC.


Shahid N. Shah

December 15, 2016


  1. Conversational UX is the Ultimate Evolution in Flexible UIs CTO

    Roundtable, December 2016 Shahid N. Shah, CEO
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  4. Unguided and structured with little room for error. Expert user

    community. transactional
  5. 5 @ShahidNShah www.netspective.com Guided and unstructured with lots of flexibility.

    Novice user community. conversational
  6. 6 @ShahidNShah www.netspective.com The conversational UX technology ecosystem. AIML

  7. 7 @ShahidNShah www.netspective.com AIML

  8. “What's not going to change in the next few years?”

    Jeff Bezos
  9. Apps aren’t going anywhere but they will get slimmer and

    UIs will flex Websites aren’t going to disappear but they’ll become more interactive GUIs and notifications will remain but they’ll call us as much as we’ll call them Search won’t die, but digital assistants will increase in intelligence Multiple apps usage won’t decline dramatically but they’ll be integrated by conversations
  10. CUX across platforms is easy to develop… …but developers will

    become similar to story script writers IVR will be resurrected in importance and will be more consistent than human call centers Complex queries with context sensitivity will become easier and more consistent Junk apps will disappear and those that do exist will need to be even better to compete with CUX
  11. 11 @ShahidNShah www.netspective.com

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