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Enterprise Architecture and Agility

Enterprise Architecture and Agility

Shahid's comments at the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) Enterprise Architecture Committee's event on Agile BA and EA.

Shahid N. Shah

April 02, 2013

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  1. NETSPECTIVE www.netspective.com 2 Who is Shahid? • 20+ years of

    business/enterprise architecture, design, software engineering, and information assurance (security) in embedded, desktop, and enterprise environments such as – FISMA-regulated government systems – FDA-regulated medical devices and systems – HIPAA-regulated health IT systems • Have held positions at CTO, Chief Architect, or Enterprise Architect in a variety of regulated environments
  2. NETSPECTIVE www.netspective.com 3 What’s this talk about? Background • What

    it means to chase business agility • What happens when we business owners don’t get agility from their Enterprise Architecture (EA) and business architecture (BA) efforts Key takeaways • There aren’t perfect scripts to follow for BA/EA success but there are numerous mistakes to avoid • Which BA/EA key practices lead to the most success
  3. www.netspective.com 4 It’s hard to create BA and EA that

    end-users actually find useful in their pursuit of solving real-world business problems.
  4. NETSPECTIVE www.netspective.com 5 How do you know if your business

    is agile? Speed of response to new customer needs Permission-oriented culture Value generation efficiency for enterprise initiatives Coupling vs. Teaming between enterprise components Mapping of strategic initiatives to customer needs vs. enterprise needs Number of Shadow IT systems Business-use EA artifacts vs. tech use artifacts Compliance-focus vs. customer focus Agility is hard to define but it’s easy to see when it’s missing
  5. NETSPECTIVE www.netspective.com 6 What can you measure? Customer acquisition, engagement,

    or retention focused metrics Product roadmap focused metrics Top line revenue metrics Margin metrics (bottom line) Process efficiency metrics Logistics and product delivery metrics Technical and IT metrics (apps, sunsets, TCO) If you can’t measure it and can’t document it, does it exist?
  6. NETSPECTIVE www.netspective.com 7 Focus on the real customer Corporate Customers

    Partners Corporate Users IT Personnel Unsophisticated and less agile focus Sophisticated and more agile focus Inside-out focus Outside-in focus
  7. www.netspective.com 8 Your EA and BA is successful when its

    activities are pragmatic, fit for purpose, and useful. You’ve failed if you haven’t created a framework for rapid and adaptable decision making.