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How existing Big Data technologies are impacting Next Generation ISR

by shah

Published December 11, 2014 in Technology

Subtitle: Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaisance (ISR) analysts are no longer alone in the quantity and variability of data they need to process to make decisions

This talk was given at the "Next Generation ISR" Summit on Thursday, December 11.

Background / Landscape:

* Other industries’ data collection and processing has now matched ISR scale.
* Other commercial sectors have similar needs for intelligence integration (e.g. marketing intel, sales intel, consumer intel, etc.)
* The government & military are paying for cross-industry big data solutions.

Key Takeaways:
* Data collection is mostly a solved problem and getting cheaper and easier
* Data harmonization, homogenization, transport, ingestion, and integration are key areas of concern
* Next generation big data tools in open source and commercial sectors can now be directly applied to next generation ISR needs with less customization than ever before
* Government and military buyers have the procurement muscle to force vendors to adapt