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Introduction to Firefox Club at NUST

Introduction to Firefox Club at NUST

Presentation outlining the mission of Mozilla, the Firefox Community, Firefox OS and the Firefox Student Ambassador Program in NUST (National University of Sciences & Technology)

Sheharyar Naseer

November 05, 2013

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  1. ▪ Open Source Technologies ▪ Community-Based Approach ▪ Advancement of

    the Internet ▪ Keep the Internet Open & Accessible
  2. ▪ Passionate about the Internet ▪ Raise Awareness about Open

    Technologies ▪ Promote Mozilla ▪ Contribute to Projects ▪ Grow the Community
  3. ▪ Firefox Clubs all over the world ▪ Host Events

    ▪ Participate in Campaigns ▪ Encourage others to contribute ▪ Represent Mozilla
  4. ▪ You can join! ▪ Contact the Firefox Club @

    NUST ▪ Need • Promoters/Mobilizers • Designers • Developers http://mzl.la/18QcuLq
  5. ▪ Main Focus of Firefox Clubs ▪ A Mobile OS

    built on Open Source Web Technologies ▪ HTML5 / Javascript Architecture ▪ Ever-growing App Marketplace
  6. ▪ Building apps is extremely easy ▪ Firefox OS Simulator

    add-on for browser ▪ Build apps to win Firefox Phones and other goodies every month
  7. Presentation by: Sheharyar Naseer Club Lead, Firefox NUST Facebook: /sheharyar.naseer

    Twitter: @sheharyarn Find us on: https://facebook.com/FirefoxNUST https://wiki.mozilla.org/FirefoxNUST