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Hack Azure! #5 - Geek of Azure Serverless

Hack Azure! #5 - Geek of Azure Serverless

Tatsuro Shibamura

March 23, 2021

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  1. App Service - Updates App Service Managed Certificate (Preview) Now

    Supports Apex Domains Versions no longer required for Key Vault references in App Service and Azure Functions Key Vault Reference supports access to restricted Key Vault (planned, but looks like it's already working) Private Endpoint can also be configured for Deployment Slots App Service Authentication / Middleware v1.4.5 Some Azure Portal improvements Access Restriction (HTTP Headers) / App Service Authentication V2 (Facebook) Deployment Slots icon change
  2. Azure Functions - Updates General availability: Azure Functions supports .NET

    5 in production Node.js 14 in Azure Functions is now generally available Python Durable Functions support in Azure Functions is now generally available Restrict your storage account to a virtual network (Preview?) Enable Open API when adding HttpTrigger from Visual Studio Migration from the old Azure Storage SDK to the new Azure Storage SDK is underway Microsoft.Azure.Storage.* => Azure.Storage.*