AutoValue for Easier Life

AutoValue for Easier Life

AutoVaulue is a library that generates Immutable value-type codes for Java 1.6+, maintained by Google, inc.

I have talked about AutoValue and AutoValue Extensions in general and some pros and cons that my team and I have figured out while developing our up with AutoValue.

While AutoValue is not applicable for ALL applications in general (For example, in Kotlin?), I am sure it may help most of the developers make their development a lot easier with scalable, maintainable generated codes and possibly additional performance optimization.

* auto/value at master · google/auto

* An Introduction to AutoValue

* A Deeper Look at AutoValue - Ryan Harter

* AutoValue Extensions - Ryan Harter

* AutoValue Extensions - Jake Wharton

* Faster JSON Deserialization with AutoValue GSON extension


Shohei Kawano

July 28, 2016