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Beat Signer

March 24, 2011


  1. The Future of Computers and the Internet Web & Information

    Systems Engineering Lab (WISE) Department of Computer Science Vrije Universiteit Brussel Mens en computer in 2030? Prof. Beat Signer beatsigner.com Department of Computer Science Vrije Universiteit Brussel March 24, 2011
  2. Predicting the Future? "There is no reason in the world

    anyone would want a computer in their home. No reason." Ken Olsen, Chairman, DEC, 1977 "[By 1985], machines [computers] will be capable of doing any work Man can do." Herbert A. Simon, 1965
  3. Computers and the Internet in 1990 T. Berners-Lee and R.

    Cailliau propose a hypertext system first search engine (Archie) first web server Windows 3.0 1 million computers connected to the Internet NeXTcube, NeXT Radio Shack 17-1003
  4. Simulated vs Augmented Reality augmented paper electronic paper Kindle, Amazon

  5. Printed Electronics Prelonic combines the power of electronics with the

    pervasiveness of printing electronic circuits (buttons, displays, batteries) made from polymers low cost production of RFID tags intelligent packaging and innovative interfaces
  6. Wearable and Embedded Computing HeartCycle, Philips Smart Spoon, VTT Finland

  7. Augmented Reality augmented contact lens augmented car windshield augmented phone

    display Wikitude World browser B.A. Parviz, University of Washington augmented reality windshield, GM
  8. Multimodal User Interfaces EPOC, emotiv Echo Smartpen, Livescribe Kinect, Microsoft

  9. Fluid Cross-media Information Spaces 01001000100 0101001100010010100010010 0100100010010001000100001001000 100010001100001001000110010101010110 1100010010100010010010010100010101011001 101001100001100

    101010100 00101000100 110101010101 00100 01010101000 1001 1111111111 111 0000000010 0 11111111 0101001011 010101010 111010101 001010010110
  10. The Future of the Internet internet of things web of

    data self-organising cloud computing security and privacy mobile web social computing one global machine
  11. Challenges and Conclusion it is not only about connecting our

    data, services and machines but we are the machine security, transparency and privacy HELLO BEAT data-centric multimodal cross-media interfaces scalability, extensibility and interoperability
  12. None
  13. References Fundamental Concepts for Interactive Paper and Cross-Media Information Spaces,

    Beat Signer, ISBN 978-3-8370-2713-6, May 2008 prelonic technologies HeartCycle Project Biodomotica Smart Spoon, VTT Wikitude World Browser Augmented Reality Windshield, GM Augmented Contact Lens, Babak A. Parviz, University of Washington