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SIGNEWORDS Translations & Language Trends

December 02, 2019

SIGNEWORDS Translations & Language Trends

SIGNEWORDS by Maria Rotger & Team.

General and specialized translations: broadcasting, subtitles, legal, gastronomic, academic, stage, art, music and communication.

Services in English, Spanish, and Catalan.
Other languages with the team.



December 02, 2019

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  1. by Maria Rotger & Team General and specialized translations: broadcasting,

    subtitles, legal, gastronomic, academic, stage, art, music and communication SIGNEWORDS TRANSLATIONS & LANGUAGE TRENDS

  3. At SIGNEWORDS, we specialize in integrating translations and language consultancy

    through multilingual services. We ensure that your writings, footage, speeches, and communications attain quality excellence to present the best image of you or your company. Maria Rotger’s team is made of linguists, journalists, and professionals who are excellently trained and have a proven interest in the evolution of language and communication. Specialists in building and training multilingual teams
  4. For any project or business, the expected moment of publishing

    the website is not the last step. For our site to reach the top positions on Google and be attractive to the audience, it must always be active and updated. In the beginning, we consider the design and the web content. At that time, we already ponder the languages we will need to get as far as possible, and we should analyze which language is appropriate for our image. Afterward, we need translations for our written content, which must uphold the optimization guidelines followed in the content creation in each language we translate. The content is translated and localized. To localize is to adapt the translation to the culture behind each language into which we've translated. Because translating web content is not only transferring text from one language to another but also and especially adapting the content to the new audience. # translations # localizations #web 1 3
  5. Making our project known is the ultimate goal of a

    website. It must be active, continuously updated, offer news about our activity field, and internationalize in different languages. Aim of a professional website
  6. We must know our target market, write accordingly, and then

    translate it into the appropriate languages.
  7. Our clients, followers on social networks, friends, and associates will

    know that we are awake and active, definitely up to date on everything. And we don't want any language limitations preventing that. Thus, we must communicate in different languages while internationalizing our ideas and offers. Nowadays, MANAGING A BLOG and ensuring it is exciting, contemporary, and very active is one of the priorities of a good website. And that this blog published in different languages is one of the SIGNEWORDS highlights. Blogging trends We’ll publish and share interesting news from our field on the blog, along with our own experiences. Impact on our audience: QUICK TIP 01
  8. Particularly for projects requiring content on an ongoing basis, nowadays

    it's essential to create a: —in which we'll store all the created and translated wording for each project. This way, we'll be able to use it again on consecutive translations for this client → We are steadily reviewing and updating this memory. Translation trends TRANSLATION MEMORY 02
  9. A translation memory is a database storing segments, which can

    be phrases, paragraphs, or other units that have been previously translated. In it, we keep the original or source text and its corresponding translations in pairs of languages. At SIGNEWORDS, we create a customized memory for each project and keep using these memories under a strict system, monitored and coordinated by the different translation teams. TM Software
  10. When the text entailed in the segment repeats entirely, the

    customer's starting price reduces to 75 %. When the segment carries this repeated text interval, the customer's starting price reduces to 40 %. For SIGNEWORDS, it is essential that translation memories must be updated in each new assignment. For us, repeating segments and just using them the same in the subsequent texts or contents is not valid. Instead, we adapt, revise, and update the repeated sections in each new project's update or each new translation need when multilingual content management requires it. 100% 50%-99%
  11. To ensure that our public image is consistent, elegant, and

    precise, content consultancy and translation tasks should arise from appropriate and technical management, abiding by the requirements of each project. We provide FREE management We evolve together with the project We coordinate all translations We link content and translations In all the involved languages Translation management and language consultancy 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 |
  12. The translators, editors, and consultants working on SIGNEWORDS by Maria

    Rotger team are excellent LINGUISTS who follow our system neatly. Languages are LINGUISTS matters
  13. OBJECTIVES Internal consistency + impeccable image with own style This

    way, our customers present a consistent and professional image, which is the same throughout the world and consciously decided altogether. SIGNEWORDS workflow Internal consistency assurance The solutions are agreed The decisions made by the management team, the project managers, and the linguists involved are shared. We all apply the same, adapted, and localized in each language. And we always find a solution: there is no point left to solve. We always work as a team When a translator in a part of the world doubts about a text we are working on, all the SIGNEWORDS machinery sets in motion collaborating as one in the solution's detection.
  14. This TRANSLATION MEMORY, along with the SIGNEWORDS consultancy team's work,

    configures the linguistic tools we use for each project when managing websites, blogs, media productions, and other publications. This way, we keep generating a STYLE GUIDE and a customized VOCABULARY AND EXPRESSIONS GLOSSARY, which constitutes the underlying material developing both LANGUAGE and TRANSLATIONS. Comprises the linguists in each project: translators, language consultants, and project managers. All the translations produced by each team according to the language combinations undertaken. The material available for all teams in language consultancy and the different translations or edits. Style guide ¤ Lexicon SPECIALIZED LINGUISTS TEAM TRANSLATION MEMORY STYLE GUIDE & LEXICON A B C
  15. GUARANTEE At SIGNEWORDS, we provide a guarantee for our services.

    That is why we rely on a QUALITY CONTROL PLAN, applied both to substance and content, as well as to means and system. COMMUNICATION We work remotely, and our teams meet online. Therefore, perfect communication is one of the baselines in our industry—also good interaction with customers to determine their preferences at all times. SIGNEWORDS PROFESSIONAL GROUNDWORK CONFIDENTIALITY We work with unpublished manuscripts, legal documents, and other sensitive materials. We treat all content with the same confidentiality, always utmost. 1 ORDER We believe that a proper organization means half the work. Therefore, we use the best tools to maintain an optimal setuo, avoid procedural errors, and always deliver on time. 2 EXPERTISE Our team consists of professionals with technical training who follow SIGNEWORDS' high-quality standards. Our project managers work intensely on each project with the utmost dedication, applying all their knowledge as experts in our profession trends. 3 4 5