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LocalMotionKY - A Red White Blue Hack Entry

LocalMotionKY - A Red White Blue Hack Entry

An open source Red White Blue Hack project using Louisville park and restaurant inspection data.

Open source at https://github.com/marks/localmotionky

Big thanks to redwhitebluehack.com and its sponsors!


Mark Silverberg

May 11, 2013

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  1. Mark  Silverberg   Ma-  Rothenberg   Aaron-­‐Micheal  Blackman  

  2. Who  We  Are   •  Aaron-­‐Micheal   – Third  Year  Howard

     University  CS  Major   •  Ma-   – Louisville-­‐naEve,  Francophile,  adverEsing   professional   •  Mark   – Business  school  student  that  can  code,  healthcare   hacker  
  3. Focus  Area  /  The  Problem   •  Food  /  Health

     and  well-­‐being  of  Louisville   CiEzens   •  The  elephant  in  the  room…   – Louisville  was  ranked  the  fi"h-­‐unhealthiest  city  in   America  by  the  American  College  of  Sports   Medicine.   – Approximately  21%  of  Kentucky  children  are   obese,  making  it  the  third-­‐most-­‐obese  state  for   children  in  the  country.   StaEsEcs  provided  by  the  Centers  for  Disease  Control  and  PrevenEon  
  4. A  look  at  the  relevant  data…   •  Louisville  Open

     Data  Portal   – Restaurant  inspecEon  data   – Park  locaEons  and  ameniEes   •  The  Findings   – 126  parks  in  Louisville     – 2359  food  service  providers   •  The  Takeaway     – Plenty  of  opportuniEes  to  eat…   – Plenty  of  opportuniEes  to  be  acEve…  
  5. The  Goal   •  IncenEvize  physical  acEvity  and  healthy  eaEng

      pa-erns   •  Promote  awareness  of  Louisville’s  many   parks  /  opportuniEes  for  outdoor  acEvity   (think,  hybrid  “park  finder”)   •  Showcase  local  businesses  /  restaurants  that   are  striving  to  promote  healthy  eaEng  choices  
  6. How?   •  Free  stuff,  of  course…   – CiEzens  can

     search  for  both  parks  and  restaurants   within  close  proximity  to  where  they  live   – Restaurants  would  offer  rewards  to  ciEzens  who   complete  physical  “challenges”  in  these  nearby   parks  and  outdoor  spaces.   – Create  a  “reward  system”  for  doing  physical   acEvity  in  Louisville’s  parks    
  7. The  Tool   •  Create  a  mobile  applicaEon  with  the

     following   core  funcEonality:   –   Park  &  restaurant  locator  tool     –   “Challenge”  and  “RedempEon”  pla]orm   •  Whereby  businesses  propose  “physical  challenges”  in   nearby  parks,  and  reward  ciEzens  who  complete  them   with  free  swag     •  Ensure  compleEon  of  physical  challenges  via  built-­‐in   acEvity  tracker  integraEon    
  8. Demo  Screenshots  

  9. LIVE  at  h-p://localmoEonky.org   FREE  CODE  at  h-p://github.com/marks/localmoEonky  

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  11. iPhone  App     (Proof  of  Concept)  

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