Beyond Technology - the 10 Cs of Software Architecture

Beyond Technology - the 10 Cs of Software Architecture

What does being a software architect mean?

Knowing all the state of the art approaches and technology?
Defining principles and best practices and ensuring that everything adheres to them?
Coming up with perfect designs to fulfill all the great attributes a modern application should have: auto-scaling, resilience, you name it?
Last but not least making the "best" technical decisions?

Sure, technology is an important part of being a software architect. But during the last years in a big project, I was facing a lot of challenges where technology did not help: from communication and compromises up to culture.

So let me introduce you to the "10 Cs of Software Architecture".

6.11.2019, W-JAX, München,


Silvia Schreier

November 06, 2019


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