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The Business of Open Source

The Business of Open Source

Simon Wheatley

May 15, 2015

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  1. The Business of Open Source Simon Wheatley, Automattic
 @simonwheatley, http://simonwheatley.co.uk/

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  3. WordPress sites New WordPresses every day Active domains Plugins Themes

    +20% of the web Powers 1 in 5 websites +60m 100,000 22% +25k +1500
  4. WordPress is everywhere

  5. WordPress is everywhere

  6. WordPress is everywhere

  7. WordPress is everywhere

  8. WordPress is everywhere

  9. WordPress is everywhere

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  11. •An Outward Facing Team •Freely Shared Code •Community Engagement

  12. “You have an idea. I have an idea. We swap.

    Now you have two ideas. And I have two ideas.” George Bernard Shaw
  13. An Outward 
 Facing Team

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  15. Freely Shared Code

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  19. Community Engagement

  20. “There is nothing more important to the success of 10up

    than the success of WordPress.” Jake Goldman, Founder of 10up
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  25. •An Outward Facing Team •Freely Shared Code •Community Engagement

  26. Reputation

  27. Moving On

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  31. Work at WordPress.com VIP

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  33. Questions? Simon Wheatley, Automattic
 @simonwheatley, http://simonwheatley.co.uk/