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What happened at the WordPress Community Summit

Simon Wheatley
November 21, 2012

What happened at the WordPress Community Summit

A presentation to the Manchester WordPress User Group on the WordPress Community Summit.

Simon Wheatley

November 21, 2012

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  1. None
  2. What?

  3. A conference of conversations

  4. Who?

  5. 108 participants (approximately)

  6. Disclaimer: I did not manage to include every participant on

    the next slide (sorry)
  7. None
  8. That wasn’t everyone

  9. Rarst

  10. Rarst DENIED (visa denied by the US because of stupid

  11. China (large community, no attendees nominated)

  12. 36% International (ish)

  13. 64% United States (ish)

  14. Where?

  15. None
  16. None
  17. None
  18. Sidenote: Tybee is now the origin of the Taco Flight

  19. None
  20. Why?

  21. How can we make WordPress better?

  22. What are the challenges WordPress faces?

  23. How do we get more people to contribute to WordPress?

  24. How do we strengthen the community?

  25. How it worked

  26. (anyone could nominate a topic)

  27. (then we all milled around)

  28. (while Nacin worked out the schedule)

  29. (ta da!)

  30. (each discussion was round a round table)

  31. (someone led, someone else took notes)

  32. What did we discuss?

  33. Accessibility

  34. Theme review team

  35. Improving handbooks

  36. Managed WordPress hosting

  37. Making WordPress global

  38. Internationalisation improvements (I was in this one)

  39. WordPress as a framework

  40. Contributing to core without it being a full time job

    (I was in this one)
  41. Improving deployments on WordPress

  42. WordPress Codex

  43. Transparency of the WordPress Foundation

  44. Theme Functionality vs Plugins

  45. Mobile apps

  46. Plugin dependencies

  47. GPL

  48. WordCamp.org

  49. Commercial Plugins and Quality Control

  50. How can developers with small plugins make money and be

  51. Future of multisite

  52. How WP Businesses can Give Back (I was in this

  53. Javascript

  54. Customizer future

  55. Pain when theme switching

  56. Plugin performance and security

  57. Abandoned plugins (I was in this one)

  58. WordPress and Women

  59. Meetups

  60. Updates

  61. What will kill WordPress? (I was in this one)

  62. None
  63. Internationalisation

  64. Mobile

  65. Rickityness

  66. What happened for the rest of the week?

  67. Collaboration

  68. None
  69. None
  70. In summary

  71. “It was absolutely incredible to be in the same place

    as all the attendees, a real and genuine thrill and honour.”
  72. “[I] have a lot more momentum to move forward with

    getting involved than I had previously.”
  73. “Really good to get together in person and discuss all

    the things that tend to go unsaid or have never been verbalized at all.”
  74. Hurrah for Jane! (she spent so much effort making this

  75. None
  76. What next?

  77. I am WordPress (and so can you) (Credit: Amy Hendrix)

  78. I’ve been…

  79. simonwheatley.co.uk @simonwheatley

  80. Photo Credits themitcho Kopepasah konsobe andrea_r …did I forget anyone?

  81. None